#throwback- Majek Fashek -Send down the rain – (the Lyrics would touch your soul)

Guys I had to share this- A time when Nigerian music had lyrics that could touch any soul- deep meaning right here (listen)

Its a cry to God to bless the efforts of hardwork-

The sky looks misty and cloudy, it looks like the rain is gonna fall today (that is hope, father am working hard will you send down the rain to water my seed bless my efforts)

In the second verse It seems God is responding

Everything in Life has got its time and season
so you don’t have to ask me why
You don’t expect to sow cassava
and reap up cocoyam
you dont expect to sow rice
and reap up cassava
Whatever a man sows in this world
they must surely reap

Guys this is music – it touched my soul, I hope you feel the same

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