This day in history-30th march, British royal family

On this day in history “30th March”-  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (the first) died – she passed on 18 years ago on the 30th of march 2002, she was aged 101 years old.

Queen Elizabeth (1) also known as “The Queen Mother” was the widow of King George VI and mother of the reigning British Sovereign Queen Elizabeth (11).

She was born to a noble family , her parents had the lord and lady titles. Before she married into royalty, she was called Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

She married King George V1 after a lot of persuasion, they had two children- Elizabeth(Sovereign queen) and princess Margaret (Now late)
The Queen Mother, King George VI and their two kids Elizabeth (now queen) and Margaret (late)
On February 6 1952,  King Edward died in his sleep after extensive illness, The queen mother was instrumental in grooming her daughter Elizabeth to be queen and teaching her to put emotions aside because duty comes first.
Queen mother present with her daughter Elizabeth and a bored prince Charles during her coronation following her father’s death

Queen Elizabeth was already married with 2 kids .

The Queen mother also had her own version of Kate vs Meghan rivalry – the lady in question was Wallis Simpson who married her brother in law causing him to abdicate the throne and forcing her husband to become King- story for another day

The Queen mother with prince Charles and Princess Anne

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