The voice Nigeria: contestants that should have made top 4


From Team Timi. He got all turns from all four judges when he sang survivor in the blind auditions.

It was a really fierce performance that brought to bear his really high pitched voice.

His battles round was the best in season 2 because his contestant grace gave him a run for the “share of voice” Their performance left Timi really confused.

In his last two performances Ego and I have nothing he seemed a bit calmer, he lost the fighting spirit and did not earn a save.

Nevertheless he had one of the best voices to cliché the top 4 spot


The blinds did give her some nerves as she performed freaking perfect. She earned a turn from Timi and Waje only.

She scaled through the battles and became beast at the blinds with the song something got a hold of me.

Ever since she owned the stage and was unstoppable and consistent. A favorite among twitter users to have won the contest, unfortunately we did not vote as much as we twitted


Kelvin Audu;


After last night’s disappointing final performance we asked ourselves is that it? Then we remembered Kelvin Audu who earned a four chair turn at the blinds after singing take a bow.

Irrespective of the fact he pulled out just after the blinds, we still miss him.

He could have given Jahtell and Precious a run for their voice.

Would have been nice to see him cooked and ready to battle it out as top 4



That deep baritone voice singing boys to men’s shape of my heart earned him a four chair turn.

He tried to be fun and versatile at the live shows, but the blinds and battles where he bared his soul with romantic blues remains his best performance yet.


The above are the top 4 but 2 people also came quite close.

The almost should have made its

J’Dess: Her last two performance was lit. She definitely thrive as a soul queen.

I think she deserves a Grammy for rendition of igwe.


Symeca: AKA chike’s brother.

His brother from season 1 was so cool it made symeca feel like a learner. But he does have a good voice though

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