The US – North Korean Summit, what is it all about, why does it matter, who cares? (All you need to know)

Well, it’s the first ever highly publicized meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader. You see, these two countries are sworn enemies.
In the past twenty five years and three presidents – Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama- the North Korea problem got even worse as the hermit nation doggedly pursued its nuclear ambition.
By 2017, North Korea had created intercontinental Ballistic missiles capable of reaching Alaska, Los Angeles and Washington.

In-fact it was said that during the handover, Obama had one word for Trump – North Korea.

So are we saying Trump is the peace maker?

Well, that’s what it looks like, The world is slowly coming to a reluctant conclusion that through the chaos and drama that the Donald brings to the table, he may have a plan.

How Trump got Kim to the negotiation table;
Well, it played out on our screens like a Trump reality show- Through a war of words with Kim Jun un. Escalating tensions in a way that has never been done before. Threatening fire and fury and insults #little rocket man.

How “un-presidential”;  The world was pensive as they awaited the worst to happen- World war three seems highly imminent.

Trump backed up tough words with biting sanctions
Sanctions like never been seen before was meted out on North Korea by the United States president(banning and excluding them from international trade)
Americans had always been careful in dealing with North Korea, They feared biting sanctions would send the deranged leader over the edge and cause him to nuke the world.
But Trump wanted the toughest possible sanctions only. His unpredictability forced everyone including China and Russia to comply by halting trade with the Dictator. They were neighbors with the North and really did not want a war.

Remember Nicki Haley’s famous United Nations speech – Kim Jun Un is begging for war and America’s patience is not unlimited

How did America and North Korea get here in the first place? – why so much hate

The original sin America committed against North Korea was to support South Korea during the 1950 Korean War.

Russia and China supported North Korea, while America and other western countries backed South Korea- How did they choose which side to fight on?  It’s called the cold war – The history of war between North & South Korea and how the US got involved

Enemity from the 1950 war is still very much alive.

A cease fire (armistice) was signed in 1953 to end the Korean War, but the US troops never left South Korea till this day. – Because the South are surrounded by enemies China and Russia who would assist North Korea if they decide to invade the South.

Skirmishes still break out occasionally between the North and South Koreans, but the presence of battle ready US Troops has ensured that there was no all-out war and South Koreans were safe.

North Koreans started developing nuclear weapons in the 1980s.

They felt the US and South Korea might strike first- but with their nuclear weapons, they were kind of invincible. So they started creating and developing speedily. They threatened all their neighbors with the weapons- Guam, Japan, South Korea.

North Korea’s pursuit of  nuclear weapons (intended for self protection) started another post war confrontation between the North- South Korean (and the United States)

Since the 1990s, the United States  have tried and failed woefully in getting North Korea to give up their nukes.

In 1994, former US president Jimmy Carter traveled to North Korea and had two rounds of lengthy talks with Kim Jun UN’s grandfather – but that failed
In 2000, another peace effort by President Bill Clinton also failed.
In 2003 a six party talks between China, Japan, US, South Korea, and Russia still failed to deliver a nuclear free North Korea.
On October 2007 October – The north and South Korea met again in another failed attempt to get the North Koreas to ditch their nuclear weapons.
What exactly does the US wants with regards to North Korea;-  complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement of the North Korean program.” The word “irreversible” means that once the North Korean nuclear program is dismantled, it cannot be launched again.
Moreover, this process needs to be under scrutiny and someone independent needs to oversee it.

What has happened in Singapore right now- ???

Kim Jun UN signed an agreement to remove nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapons are still there, nothing has changed, it’s just a promissory note – almost like a promise ring but not an actual engagement ring.

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