The United States ex-president’s club- Inside the world’s most exclusive fraternity


The most exclusive club in the world has just 5 couples left in it- the former presidents of the United States- Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. They still enjoy presidential privileges fully funded by the US Federal Government- Secret service detail for life, office space, staff, travel and postage

These Ex-presidents left the white house with many scars

Secret intelligence briefings they can never tell their wives, deadly information they shielded from the public- that’s why sitting Presidents consulted with their predecessors, because only they can understand these things

What do you do next after serving in the highest office in the world?  Humanitarian outreach

Jimmy Carter  founded the Carter center. He is focused on world peace and even won a noble prize.

The Clinton foundation is a global enterprise to do good in the world- responsible for driving down the cost of HIV drugs in Africa

Obama foundation – encouraging young people to lead is presently being designed on the south side of Chicago

How do you make money after being president?

If you have been to the Oval office and back, definitely the world wants to hear from you, for this reason, they earn thousands of dollars as speaking fee

Between 2001 – 2017 , Bill Clinton is estimated to have made about 250 million dollars in speaking fees and book contracts. His wife Hillary Clinton also  former secretary of state was paid an astounding $21.3 million for various speeches to corporations between  2013- 2015

President Obama makes about 400,000 for every speaking engagement , for a three day trip between New Zealand and Australia in 2017 he made about  $1.3 million and was lodged at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel where a one-night stay can cost up to $2,449.

George Bush who retired from presidency to a bit of a more laid back  and private life also commands about 175, 000 dollars for a single speech

As a member of the distinguished ex- presidents club, The world also want to read about you

Michelle Obama was paid 65 million dollars by publishers to sell the rights to her book on-becoming. Bill Clinton secured a $15 million advance for his 2004 memoir while Hillary Clinton got an advance of $11.5 million for her 2014 memoir hard choices.

Michelle Obama recently sold out a 20,000 capacity building  at London 02 arena for her book tour,

But no amount of money would rival the badge of honor bestowed on members of this exclusive club, its a prestige that would be bestowed on their grand and great children

These prestigious ex presidents club stay within the same circle and see each other throughout the course of their lives.  They come together at certain events –  to galas, fundraisers, and the death of any of their member

In 2013, they came together  for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. (George bush library )

The ex presidents club joined each other on stage at the opening of a hurricanes relief concert in College Station, Texas, in October, 2017.

They came together for Barbara Bush’s funeral  at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston. Before they left, all of the attending former presidents and their spouses took a group photo that quickly went viral




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