The most painful love story in game of thrones (Jon snow & Ygritte) has been re-scripted in real life.

Two game of throne stars Kit Harrington and Rosie Leslie recently tied the Knot.  A sharp contrast to their love story in game of thrones which  ended in buckets of tears …. at least for the fans

The Men of the Night watch have one mission only – kill the wildlings and stop them from crossing the wall, but when the night watch ranger falls in love with a wildling girl … all i can say is that game of thrones is very good with sad endings. 

Let’s recap the story…

A pretty wildling girl with red hair

The night watch rangers was came across a group of wildlings during their night watch patrol beyond the wall. They fought them and killed two. Jon Snow was about to slit the throat of the third one, it turned out to be a pretty feisty girl with red hair.

He could not bring himself to kill her even though she taunted him Strike hard and true, Jon Snow,” Ygritte told him. “Or I’ll come back and haunt ya.” His co – rangers advised, kill her off or she would go and tell the others we are, but he kept hesitating, till she tripped him and ran off. He chased after, until he lost the rest of his team. He caught Ygritte and tied her up as his prisoner.

“You know nothing Jon snow”

  Jon snow is lost, but he had to keep his pretty prisoner close, even during the night time. They slept side by side and she could feel his manhood pressed against her.  She taunted him mercilessly when he woke up, when he blushed, she realized he was a virgin. That did not help him. She kept teasing him about how the stupid night watch makes them abandon sex and the warmth of a woman.

She finally sets him up to get captured by the wildlings- but convinces them not to kill him because he may have some good information… (She loved him already)

Jon snow gets the wildlings to trust him and infiltrates them as an informer for the Night-watch. He did this by killing another Night watch ranger that was captured by the wildlings ( it was plot, the other Night watch allowed Jon snow to make him the trust sacrifice)

“Let’s remain in this cave forever”

With Jon snow living among the wildlings, Ygritte once again pressured Jon into sex, but this time she got her way after stripping in front of him inside the cave. Jon gave into her. And in some romantic cave with waterfalls and a pool- (John snow became a man- it was his first time)

Ygritte knew Jon snow was still loyal to the night watch, and he was no true wildling. But she loved him, they continue their romance and remained together when the wildlings climbed the wall to evade the night watch guards

Love built on betrayal..

Jon snow’s cover is blown to the rest of the wildlings when he refused to kill a member of the night watch ambushed by the wildlings outside castle black.
Rather he kills the wildling in the presence of Ygritte. She had an opportunity to kill him with her bow but she let him go with a few sword injuries to the hands and legs.

Lovers in different enemy camps

At the war in Castle black the wildlings and the Night watch men clash in a deadly battle

Jon snow was fighting for men of the night watch, while Ygritte fought for the wildlings.
Right in the heart of the battle – they met (Ygritte was pointing an arrow at him) . but he knew she would never kill  him. She loved him.

As they were wondering what to do with each other, a  sharp sword plunged into Ygritte’s chest from behind to the dismay of Jon Snow. A guard of the night watch killed her from behind with one clean bow
A very sad ending, but that all that changes as they continued their romance off screen.

5 years after their on screen romance, they both tied the Knot on Saturday 23rd Jun proving that all  the steamy scenes we watched was not just a movie.

All I can say is beware of on screen action- it could be real

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