The hot 3:  Quick facts on Kylie Jenner pregnancy, TSTV about to upstage DSTV in Nigeria & more.

1) Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy

Just when people thought they were done keeping up with the Kardashians, news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy filters in

And FYI it’s no longer a rumor it’s now a confirmed story. Two sources close to the “overjoyed” family told CNN that Kylie Jenner, 20, is pregnant.

Quick facts

  • Her boyfriend Travis Scott is the father of the baby. They have been dating since April 2017 after she finally broke off from on and off boyfriend Tyga.
  • According to Hollywood life, She is four months pregnant and due in February.
  • News sources say she is having a baby girl


Subtle Hints social media users may have missed:

  • She has been re-posting old photos of herself and cropping recent photos from chest up
  • She posted a photo with oversized T.shirt.
  • While appearing on the “Kardashians 10th Anniversary Special,” Kylie was only shot from the waist up, and wore a baggy top.
  • She also didn’t appear in the family interviews with Megan Kelly or E! News‘ Jason Kennedy.
  • She has posted a child and mum art of herself on Instagram.

Of course as expected the twitter community is on fire.

Some say she is upstaging the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Others think Kris Jenner is genius for leaking the news two days to KUWTK 10th anniversary special

In summary Kylie Jenner is a Real Estate Mogul, Business Woman, Reality Star, Model, Social Media diva ……..and mom @ 20


2) TSTV about to Upstage DSTV in Nigeria

TSTV is a new Pay TV operator, for entertainment, news and sports.

They have joined GO TV and Star-times to take market share away from DSTV

Many Nigerians have felt bullied and arm twisted by South African’s premium Satellite Channel DSTV;  as a result TSTV satellite channel has been well received.

They would be launching on October 1st

TSTV Channels

  • They are starting with 100 channels in SD & HD
  • It’s a one off payment for all channels, no premium subscription
  • Their Bein sports channels show most of the sports : basket Ball, Tennis, Boxing, Soccer
  • In football they show Champions league, Bundesliga, La Liga, Series A & Ligue 1
  • They also show All the Tennis grand slams, ATP world tour & WTA world tour.
  • All the Major news channels from CNN, Channels News Network, to Aljazeera. It also has popular National Geographic channel
  • There are movie channels both Nigeria, African & Foreign movies but no African Magic and Mnet

HD SMART Set Top Box

This is perhaps their biggest advantage

  • This smart Set top box converts your existing LED TV into a Smart TV.
  • It enables one to browse content from Twitter, Facebook, Daily Motion, video on demand sites, Over the Top, OTT apps, news, weather etc.
  • Subscribers are entitled to a complementary 20GB internet capacity every month and this service is available for extension on demand.

The feature of unlimited external recording is also available, by plugging in your own external storage device for recording your favorite programs.

Even though many Nigerians are excited we must let them launch first.

We can’t tell how far their reach can go and how well these promises would be kept.

And of course they do not have the house wife channels like E, African Magic, Vuzu Amp and Mnet Movies,

For cartoons there is Jim Jam but no Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, and other popular kid’s channel

DSTV still has a lot of edge ,but with the news, sports and Set box challenge plus one off payment for all channels,  DSTV sure has a lot to be worried about.


3) Donald Trump’s new name for North Korea’s Kim Jung Un

This is completely leaving me in stitches. Donald Trump is a real comedian.

His penchant for giving nick names to his enemies  is legendary (lying ted, Crooked Hillary)

North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jun Un is now nick named Little Rocket Man. And the name is slowly beginning stick

He gave him this nickname on two separate occasions His United nations speech and an Alabama rally

Beyond name calling, Trump keeps pushing North Korea’s Strong man over the edge. According to him he is watching this speech, he is watching us like he has never watched anyone before.

Wonder his strategy here? Maybe trying to get North Korea to strike first ?

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