“The bling-Lagosians movie” – Meet the real family in Lagos that inspired the movie

The bling Lagosians movie exposes the secret life of the really wealthy lagosians- if you strip away the lavish parties and exotic living, the 1% of ultra wealthy lagosians also have their dark secrets – watch the trailer:

One can point to many families in Lagos that must have inspired the Movie, The Tejuoshos, The Asemotas, The Folawiyos…

But the most obvious suspects have to be The Okoya(s), They are a multi billion Naira house hold in Lagos popular for their manufacturing company Eleganza.

Like the blink Lagosians movie, The Okoya family has a patriarch that sits on the throne- The Aare of Lagos, Chief Rasaq Okoya who is the Chairman of Eleganza group and the head of the Okoya family.

Rasaq Okoya and family hosts the biggest Owambe” in Lagos– They are said to have popularized the asoebi culture in Yoruba Land.

With many wives and kids, parties at his Oluwani residence VGC is fully packed with guests. There is traffic all over Lekki as helipads, SSS and security drop off dignitaries like State Governors , ministers and fellow business Moguls – The Island is in-accessible, when there is a party at the Okoya(s)

I promise you the bling Lagosians in real life have a really interesting plot twist

His first daughter Biola and his only beloved sister Wosilat were usually in charge of all the shindigs going down at the Okoya’s palace, but in 1999, one young lady name Folashade caught his eye and became his wife

Slowly, patiently and surely wife no 5 worked her way up and finally sidelined all the wives

At some point, everyone realized she was the one calling all the shots. Its seems as though she has erased every memory of his past before her and every other family member answers to her.

Unlike the wife in bling Lagosians movie, Shade does not wait for her kids who work with daddy to approve cash requests, she worked her way into the business, waking up early, visiting the factory and being involved in the family empire.

She is now the MD of Eleganza industrial city while her husband remains the chairman. She given herself good public relations as many press articles keep claiming she re-positioned the business for the Future

Also like the Blink Lagosians movies, their has been occasional rumors of financial strain, in 2012, its alleged that Barclays bank temporarily took over his sprawling VGC estate over debts- Though this rumor was not confirmed nor denied.

With Shade his new Trophy wife at the Helm of affairs – Every party at the Okoya(s) residence has been given a new look- Classy, utmost elegance and only VVIP(s)

Shade Okoya Okoya(s) parties are world class soirees dripping in elegance and their seems to be no shortage of the shindings

Her 40th birthday extravaganza


Shade Okoya Buries grand mother in style

In case you in doubt who the real blink lagosian is, she shared this photo before attending a banquet in honor of the Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila Speaker, House of Representatives.

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