Teni “power-ranger” versus Peruzzi “Majesty’- A Head to head comparison

Yes o, we are shaking tables, am sure you know why, in case you don’t- read this post below!

Following the recent drama Teni and Peruzzi has both dropped new singles complete with videos

we are going to rate the entire videos on three criteria(s) :

Story, concept and Melody.

I excluded lyrics because Nigerian artists would rather just rhyme, the words almost always don’t make sense or pass a cohesive message- but lets forgive them, their market they sell anyhow

Rating their video story

Teni power- Rangers:  -She is an Arabian princess who finds out her betrothed prince is cheating on her – but the story plot gets a bit confusing in the next scene when she shows up as a tomboyish Arabian princess– and exactly who is her prince and what is going on? – she lost me there.

Boy cheats on girl, girl runs away upset is a common story, nothing new. In addition the story plot was very confusing at some point

Teni’s score for story= 5/10

Peruzzi Royal majesty– A good girl (Cee-C) is in love with a bad boy and pop singer.  Her father talks her out of the toxic relationship- deep down she knows daddy is right as scenes of anger and his womanizing ways flashes back at her.

On her wedding day to another man, her ex shows up with arrogant confidence that he is winning her back and he does- eloping with her on a speed boat.

The runaway bride narrative is nothing new, but the story plot was clear, interesting and has some good depth. Why do good girls like bad boys, why do girls find it hard to leave men who treat them badly?

Peruzzi score for story- 7/10

Rating their video concept

Teni-power rangers: She used the Arabian Night theme- a concept, not very popular in Nigerian music videos. The props, the costuming, Teni in an open litter carried by sexy men in gold glitters, Teni in a deocrated horse- there were indeed many visually appealing things to look at.

Teni’s score for concept- 7/10

Peruzzi- Royal Majesty :The wedding concept is nothing new, infact its one of the most popular concepts used in many Nigerian music videos. But peruzzi’s video clicked refresh on every wedding video we have ever seen from Naija music- The décor, Cee-C in her wedding dress, the excited groomsmen, it was well put together, emotional, almost real. You can almost cry for the groom when Peruzzi eloped with Cee-C. the execution of the concept was flawless.

Peruzzi score for concept 8/10

Rating video Melody- tune, voice, instruments, combination of notes

Teni’s power rangers : Her song quickly jumps at you from the first beat matched with strong Nigerian lingo. from the first line she starts introducing strong memorable hooks

If to say I get superpowers,
I for come meet you where you dey
And me I no fit fight like power rangers

Almost every line is a memorable hook, when you turn off the song, its easy to remember

Teni’s score for melody  8/10

Peruzzi Majesty – An avid music listener would appreciate the beats that wrapped the music- some real classical beats. But his hook came in a bit late at 1:09- ( her royal Magesty) .  If you listen to the song without the video, it does not jump at you, it’s the kind of melody that grows on you the more you listen to it.

Peruzzi score for melody  – 5/ 10

In summary Peruzzi and Teni are tied at 20 points each, I was rooting for Teni to win this matchup, but I have to be honest. competition is good for the industry!

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