Taylor swift ready for it video:  A battle between her old and new self (see video)  

Taylor Swift’s new single are you ready for it is art in its purest form.

The video released yesterday has already gathered 19 million + views on YouTube and loads of fan theories

It’s not just a song title, it’s a question to her fans

Are you ready for the new Taylor?

For the new Taylor swift to emerge she has to fight the battle of her life…with her old self

Welcome to the battle room.

She punches the code 21 before the door opens. Her boyfriend Joe alywn is born Feb 21st maybe he gave her the strength to fight?

The old Taylor swift comes in contact with the stark naked new Taylor

They are separated by an invisible glass wall. They stare intently at each other, then the battle begins.

The new naked Taylor suits up into a dangerous Robot with sharp sword hands and strikes. The old Taylor remains standing.

She suits into a horse rider, the old Taylor is unfazed

The new Taylor tries wrapping herself in a galaxy of Lightening, but the old Taylor brings her down

Finally the new Taylor moves slowly and methodically towards the old one. She lets out a big scream and strikes one final time

The Old Taylor breaks down and gets broken. The new Taylor  stands tall and victorious

Her eyes changes to white walker blue. Taylor swift is reborn.

A truly powerful message: To reveal your best self, you must fight an internal battle to defeat your old self.

We can’t wait to meet the new Taylor swift. We are ready for it.


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