Tailor swift and Donald Trump throw jabs at each other


So yesterday Taylor Swift changed her political status from neutral  pro democrats.  America is having an important midterm elections coming up, so she made it known to her 112 million Instagram followers who she would be supporting.


In her post, Taylor Swift urged her supporters to vote for the democratic candidate. Swift affirmed her commitment to the fight for LGBTQ rights and described the “systemic racism” towards people of color in the US as “terrifying, sickening and prevalent”. She encouraged her young fans to educate themselves on their local candidates and “vote based on who most closely represents your values”.

According to vote.org, 65,000 registrations were recorded in the 24 hours after the Instagram post.

US president Donald Trump is not too pleased with Taylor for opposing republicans, he had a very Trumpish response for her – watch below:

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