Summary of sexual allegations against Morgan Freeman- Would you A) Free Morgan he is just being a flirt or B) Sexual predator- crucify him

1) He usually stares at his female staff breast & ass openly and suggestively and it makes them feel uncomfortable.

2) He regularly makes sexually suggestive comments to women around him; he was caught on camera telling a CNN female reporter- i wish i was in there. He also told her off camera “you are ripe” and when he shook hands with her, he refused to let go leering at her lustfully

3) His physical contact with his female staff sometimes has a lot of sexual undertones to it. At one occasion he gently rubbed a female’s staff shoulders while staring into her eyes until she turned red and ran away; one colleague accused him of touching her lower back and asking if she had an underwear.

Most of his antics where done in public in the presence of one or more witnesses.

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