South Africa’s IT couple AKA and Bonang in messy post breakup fight – here’s the inside scoop and dirty laundry being aired in public.

Yesterday South Africa’s Ace rapper AKA sent a hailstorm into twitter after the release of his album because  one track Beyoncé is believed to be directed at his ex Bonang Matheba

Diss lines in the track –
I waited for two years to see you with your weave off
How are you supposed to be my Beyoncé when you living like Rihanna?
Heart break, when I left my baby Mama I thougt you will be my soul mate
Remember when I was kicking you out of a hotel, 15minutes later I was blowing up your cell

He also accuses her of witchcraft with this tweet below
Bonang also dissed him on her show being BeingBonang saying that she misses nothing- maybe he was funny that’s all.
And a tweet which has been deleted from her account
Their relationship is causing a hell storm and why not- He is one of the top rappers in the country, she is SA’s most recognized and respected personalities, Radio VJ and presenter.

The inside scoop on their love life & breakup

It’s impossible to talk about Bonang and AKA without the invisible third person- AKA’s baby Mama DJ zinhle. He left her for Bonang when she was 8 months pregnant

“The start of my relationship was painful because at the time I was in a relationship with my baby mama. And she was pregnant. And for me, what we put her through was wrong. I’ve apologized for that,” he admitted this on a south African show –  Real Talk with Anele.

Bonang, who famously threatened to take legal action against Zinhle in 2015 for revealing the affair, has not yet apologized.

AKA and Bonang got roasted by South Africans for finding each other when his girlfriend was pregnant, but you know what they say- time heals all wounds. Zinhle forgave, inviting Bonang to be part of her daughter’s life. South Africans also moved on from the drama

AKA and Bonang  then went on to be a match made in entertainment heaven – There were beautiful Instagram moments, they went on shows together, did red- carpets in coordinated outfits, when he performed on stage she took the front row to cheer her man. South Africans finally said yes to the union, and loved every bit of the show off.

There were so many breakups and makeups-

They breakup publicly, Kiss and make up again- After one of their episodes, AKA apologized on twitter, he even gifted her a R60 000 Gucci bag. Some fans called most of their breakups a publicity stunt, but am sure there is more. Whatever the issues were has finally torn them apart

Nov 29th 2017, they announced they had split again, –

South African public was bored (#publicity stunt) but with time, the new reality dawned on everyone- Their royal couple was no more.

It’s not really clear why they split; The tabloids once reported that AKA was cheating on Bonang with Nicole Nyaba, a local socialite. He denied the report.

Bonang recently turned thirty and is ready to settle down, but AKA who already has a daughter with his ex is not thinking about that right now.

South Africa is taking sides-

Some social media comments in favor of Bonang

Men like him don’t deserve any form of respect, shame. He continues to create drama to climb the ladder

“I find it so immature when a guy bashes a woman he once claimed to love”. This guy should grow up man”

AKA’s little rant has racist undertones…mocking a black woman’s weave game and accusing her of witchcraft…. He needs to tread carefully,” one Twitter user wrote”

In favor of AKA

This is not a diss track it’s a song about what he feels; he’s expressing himself”

“How is he childish if he’s speaking his truth through music? Point out one artist that doesn’t do that, just one…y’all need to just relax”

“Beyoncé sang her pain through lemonade, Usher through confessions, why can’t AKA do the same”

But through all the mudslinging, they still love each other!

AKA – A Twitter user tweeted AKA saying he hoped he was not hurting. The rapper admitted he was still heartbroken, but reiterated he needed to move on from the relationship. “I am, bro. But I gotta be strong. Show must go on,” he said.

Bonang-  “Let me tell you how I dealt with my break-up. You cry and cry and cry,” she said. “No one is immune to heartbreak. You can be a superstar, have all the money in the world but your heart will be broken. You reach rock bottom and it forces you to get up and pull yourself together,” she told True Love.

If you made this far (you like to gossip eh?)  My popcorn is finished, Y’all can move on now…

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