South African man was mocked for proposing in a cheap eatery, now South Africa has united to sponsor the wedding

In a sad world filled with a daily dose of bad news, a beautiful love story happens like a movie in South Africa. Last night, a Man was spotted proposing to his girlfriend in KFC over a humble meal of street wise 2.

KFC is one of the cheapest restaurants in South Africa positioned to make meals for the bottom chain who cannot afford slightly upper scale eateries like Nando’s and Mac Donald’s.

But in such a humble location, feasting on a budget meal popularly known as street wise 2, he went down on one knee and proposed to the lady who was wiping tears from her eyes, he was bubbling with excitement, he even brought an old camera and asked an onlooker to take a photo of them.

Then they got trolled

Some praised the gesture as true love, others laughed and called it cheap, but KFC had the last laugh

In a quick social media savvy move, KFC instituted a search for the couple…


Its a national hunt, more big brands joined in the search for the couple looks like they are gonna get lucky


They found the couple- there names are Bhut’ Hector and Nonhlanhla and according to KFC…#KFC wedding is about to happen

Wedding planning kicked off as vendors fell over themselves to offer their services for free


Vouchers, cash & physical gifts


Settling home after the wedding – furniture and grocery shopping


Honey moon, trips & places to go


Even paying the bride price popularly known as the lobola is covered

South Africa black twitter has appointed a coordinator to string all the pieces together

Seems like its a national wedding, the media houses are coming on board- two of South Africa’s media giants ENCA & SABC are making plans to cover the wedding


Twitter is taking notes in case of any brand that should promise and fail

Guys this grace of God in action; By this time last night, Buti Hector & Nonhlanhla. were the laughing stock of some mean girls on twitter because of the perceived cheap proposal, but as at the time of writing 132 brands and prominent south Africans have pledged support for the wedding.

At least 80 big name brands will come through with their promise. every brand in South Africa wants to be counted and involved in their big day.

I have cried, laughed and marveled at how God turned their story around and with the bad news that has come to define our daily living , i hope this puts a smile on your face

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