Some selected reactions to Saraki’s leaked audio would shock you- ( see full text, audio and surprising twitter reactions)

Lets start by summarizing the story- ( in case you have not heard)

A leaked audio by social Media commentator “Kayode Ogundamisi” has been very damaging to the Senate president (especially because it was released on the eve of Kwara State Bye elections which his candidate lost to the APC


Senate President, Bukola Saraki spoke for 33 minutes to Kwara State PDP stakeholders about his grouse with the President.  He said nothing about the development of Kwara; the conversation was focused rather on the fact that Buhari did not give them room to loot & blunder the nation’s treasury

To summarize the 33 minutes audio, he spent about 200 to 300 million naira in almost 30 states during Buhari’s election.  Considering the huge  amount of money he spent, he assumed he and his followers would be awarded with political appointments and contracts after Buhari resumed office;  But that did not happen, according to Saraki in the leaked audio.

"I know if I put someone amongst you from Kwara even in the smallest Federal agencies, the contract you will sign out, 1Million, 2 Million, but for the first time that I have been in politics even speaker cant appoint a cleaner"
"I as President of @NGRSenate I could not even appoint a cleaner not to talk of Board appointment, if you look at Executive positions I have nothing even after spending Billions for 3 and a half years, I am as angry as you are "
Also Read the full text  of the leaked audio by @ogundamisi
The entire audio highlights a cycle of problem with Nigeria = Steal public funds ” for the next election”. expect or get pay back (with some interest- (dodgy appointments, phony contracts) , intensify looting as the next election approaches *repeat process all over again*
To make matters worse, rather than Nigerians to come together and condemn such actions with one voice and call for a probe, possible arrest – we are taking sides across party lines – see disturbing tweets below;


These tweets above is part of the Nigerian problem. Why are we taking sides with corruption. Everyone is wrong and every one should be called out. Ganduje is allegedly Guilty , Saraki also allegedly guilty , so is president Buhari who did not question did source of funds used to campaign for his election, or take action or Ganduje’s leaked video!

Its clear that its not just  the politicians that are keeping us in bondage, but everyday Nigerians that support them. After tweeting you would go and use generator and charge your phone.

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