Some just want an iPhone X, others have lost everything to wild fires & pray to be alive ( video)


SHOCKING footage has showed a family desperately praying for survival as they race through “walls of fire” in an attempt to escape the devastation of the latest California wildfires. They have lost their home and everything they own. They just want to make it out of the fires ALIVE – watch video below

Strong winds have whipped up deadly wild fires through the State of California in the United States. Almost 25 people have been confirmed dead across the various regions in California experiencing wild fires. (the death toll continues to rise)

The dead were found in their cars and homes as they were attempting to escape the fire. Hundreds of people have been displaced and hundreds more have been forced to evacuate
California is home to Hollywood, so as expected the homes of celebrities were also caught in the fires-  Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, Caitlin Jenner were among those affected, but also ordinary people who cannot afford a hotel and an insurance cover have been affected.

And in that moment of madness the only thing that matters is life, safety for loved ones- all the material wealth, designer bags and wardrobe, top of the range gadgets would be left behind.

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