Simona Halep to Serena- 24 can wait! (Analysis)

Today I decided to focus on myself and the final game and not who I was playing

Simona Halep

Simona Halep has become the first Romanian woman to win a Singles grand slam title after a decisive win against Serena Williams 6-2, 6-2. It was not the death match everyone was expecting, not a three set game with a close call, it ended in 56 minutes with Simona Halep demolishing Serena and barely giving her time to recover.

Based on previous head to head between Serena and Simona Halep, pudits predicted Williams will win

Serena has defeated her 9 times in 10 meetings. In addition to this, Serena’s quarter and Semi finals games were rock solid, the conversation before the game was about how much fight Simona Halep will give Serena- and not about Serena getting eaten up for lunch.

If Serena thought she was going to stroll in and win because she had won her 9 times in the past,she had another thing coming…

Simona Halep came roaring in with the best game of her life

She was running very fast, defense was rock solid, her focus was incredible, she had limited unforced errors- 3 compared to Serena’s 26. Serena on the other hand was definitely not ready for the Simona Halep she met on the court, she was unable to raise her game to meet hers, she was almost clumsy to be quite frank.

Serena Williams made 26 unforced errors pressure to win the 24?

For a very long time, both fans and the press have been talking about Serena tying Margaret court’s record of 24 grand-slams, but it seems so elusive. She has been defeated in three finals- By Angelique Kerber, Naomi Osaka, and now by Simona Halep- Probably the pressure to win from fans and from herself gave her anxiety

Serena is raised to unbelievably high standards

Its not enough that she has made it to three grand-slam finals at her age and after child birth- everyone expects a win from her, nothing less.

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