Shocking details of upgraded colonialism 2.0: Why world leaders are touring Africa


Africa supplied the magic ingredient for the world’s first Atomic Bomb
And no we don’t mean black magic, Uranium secretly collected from the Democratic republic of Congo by the United States was used to make the first nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
Democratic republic of Congo is the richest country on earth- The worlds most used minerals lie under their earth- copper, gold, diamonds, cobalt, uranium, Coltan and oil just to name a few.

Without Congo’s Cobalt; American companies like Apples, Tesla, and Amazon may not be able to manufacture phones, laptops, cameras and other gadgets.

Untapped resources in Democratic Republic of Congo is said to be worth about 30-Trillion dollars- rich country right?  Well…The images below are the people of DRC

What happened-?

The worst case of Colonialism in Africa. Its alleged that because of the vast resources in Congo and how important it is to the world of tech, colonialist never really left.  They still rule the country through  puppet Congolese rulers who grants them full access to Congo’s mineral resources to loot and plunder- without any returns to the people

Its also alleged that there is a grand conspiracy to ensure the people of Congo remain impoverished, uneducated and unable to truly take ownership of what is theirs.

Wait, This post is supposed to be about Theresa May/Angela Merkel’s visit- how did i get into Congo?   …Reloading

There is a renewed scramble for Africa

Germany’s Angela Merkel came to Africa on a three nation  tour of Senegal, Ghana and finally Nigeria. British prime minister Theresa May also visited Africa on a tour to the three biggest economies- Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

But they are all late comers, France’s Emmanuel Macron has visited 11 countries on his nine trips to the continent since becoming president of France — including Nigeria
In July China’s President Xi jinping embarked on a four nation Africa tour which includes – South Africa, Rwanda and Senegal.
Senegal and Ghana  have signed on to the Compact with Africa initiative to promote private investment with Germany

Why the scramble for Africa?

Access to our numerous natural resources

You see, Many European countries are running out of growth potential, they have made efficient use of resources within their own territories and are fully industrialized and developed.

Developed countries especially China are industrializing rapidly and needs to exploit the untapped resources of Africa for raw materials.

Painful example- West Africa is the biggest producers of Cocoa, but chocolates and chocolate beverages are produced mostly by America and European countries.


In the past, the colonialist took our resources by force.

But definitely that’s in the past (some would say) African countries are now self determined and cannot be bullied into giving out their resources.


They play by a different set of rules –

  1. Debt Trap diplomacy

In 2015, china announced a 60 billion dollar investment in Africa. Nigeria and several Africa countries have received billions from China for various infrastructure projects. They seem so generous- until the country is unable to pay back.

A small island in Africa Djibouti had to cede their port to China because they could not repay their debts. 8 countries  are currently in China’s debt trap- they have to pay by granting access to strategic mineral resources.

The Chinese are mining copper aggressively in Zambia. The African nation is heavily indebted to China. Maybe someday Nigeria would cede an oil bloc to China-Who knows

2) Sometimes these Foreign aids are just the bread crumbs from stolen resources

Dan Gertler is a Jewish Israeli billionaire that donates millions of dollars in aid to Democratic Republic of Congo. But he also mines their Colbat and Diamonds without paying the country what they are truly entitled- he is supported by a corrupt Congolese president.

In November 2017, China provided financial aid of $6 million to Congo, according to their Ministry of Commerce. This investment allowed China to gain certain mining rights to copper and cobalt deposits in Congo. 

The so called United Nations are silent as billions of dollars worth of cobalt are carted away by foreign companies to build cars, Phones and other gadgets while the people on whose land the treasure live survive on food aid- where is the outrage?

3)  Sometimes they use foreign aid worth millions of dollars to influence an African government’s           policy

Remember when Ghanaian president embarrassed Emmanuel macron for toeing that line of thought- Thankfully some African leaders are getting smart.

4) They install a puppet president, that gives them access to resources- case in point (Democratic Republic of Congo) colonialism is allegedly still in full effect in that country, the real shadow powers are unseen.

The only leader that would have actually delivered the nation’s wealth to the people was assassinated by foreign forces in 1961 – that being the legendary Patrice Lumumba.The country is due for another election, and all the puppet masters from France to United States are at work.

5) Colonialism 2.0 also exploit the greed and Corruption of African leaders, with huge amounts of bribes,  they sell the  country resources for peanuts. Case in point – Nigeria’s Malabu oil scandal


5)  They exploit a failed taxation system and weak or non existent labor laws when they set up companies in the African country

In the image above, shoes for guess and toms are assembled by 4000 workers in Ethiopia. #Cheap-labor

Conclusively, The developed world don’t care so much about Africa (why is the so- called UN silent on the holocaust in Democratic Republic of Congo) they would rather we remain uninformed, corrupt and ignorant – so they can prey on our weaknesses. #Colonialism 2.0


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