Severe Terror threats this Christmas: The world at war!

A war with viral ideology that infects one new person a day #lonewolves.

A war with soldiers that have made up their minds to die. Enemies you dont know where and when they would creep up  and how they intend to strike.

The silent war spreads

  • Yesterday, there was a failed terror attack in New York subway station. The attacker a 27 year old Bangladeshi national only managed to injure himself seriously.
  • Cut into Potsdam market in Germany, nail bombs were detected at an open Christmas market, shoppers were quickly evacuated. Authorities are searching for more nail bombs.
  • Sadiq Khan Mayor of London told the telegraph.com that seven terror attacks has been foiled since Westminster attack.
  • A 20 year old Australian born to Somali Parents accessed a guide book online produced by Al-Qaeda on how to commit terror acts and use firearms, but was arrested before he could purchase an automatic rifle. Australian police alleged that his intention was to kill as many revelers as possible on 2018 New Year’s Eve in Melbourne’s popular Federation Square.
  • Isis released a disturbing image of Santa Claus Kneeling before a caliphate solider about to be beheaded with a message that said soon on your holidays.
  • The US and UK intelligence have insisted that the risk of attacks by Boko Haram Insurgent in the Federal Capital territory and other states remains high throughout the festive season.

The Counter terrorism efforts …
Mostly Classified information, unknown to the public, but this is what we know…

Operation 5 eyes:

‘Five Eyes’, is the name given to the meeting of terror experts from the five nations that work to combat international terror. Security experts from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and Canada will meet in Melbourne  to discuss the best practices for responding to terror attacks.

United States issues travel advice

The US has a long-standing warning to its citizens to beware extremist attacks in European cities. Last month, the United States warned of dangers at festive events.
The UK SAS team:

The UK’s most elite commandos are ready for action at a moment’s notice to protect millions of Brits.

Special air Service (SAS) teams are on alert amid any direct threat of terrorist.  Up to 70 elite troops make up the unit which is ready to be deployed anywhere in the UK should they get the call from counter-terror command.

Special training prepares the SAS hard men for lone wolf attacks, terrorists storming public buildings and large groups of armed terrorists.

Australian Terror alert speakers:

The speakers will warn and tell people what to do in the event of a mass shooting or car rampage.

There are currently 65 speakers at high risk areas in Melbourne’s CBD.

Indonesian police anti-terror operation

Indonesian Police Chief Tito Karnavian said the implementation tagged “Candle Operation” was intended to prevent possible terror attacks during the festivity and holiday season, Tito said. Members were drawn from the countries security forces.

UK and US online war

The government of United States has disrupted online communication channels were terrorist can get radicalized. Would-be terrorists are now left to work alone or, occasionally, with close relatives they can trust not to be FBI informants.

The FBI agency currently has about 1,000 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states. They claim hundreds of attacks have been prevented and cited 176 domestic terror-related arrests in the last year.

The world is at war, not just with a group of people but an ideology that is growing from strength to strength.

The soldiers of this war live next door and can mutate at any time #lonewolfattacks.

Terror threat this Christmas is severe, that means it is highly likely to take place.

Sad reality we live in


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