Rude boy responds to Mr. P cool it down with new single fire fire (see both videos)

So who is winning the solo battle? Peter or Paul.

Following their highly publicized split and the launch of their solo careers, it’s only natural to pitch them against each other musically. We don’t know what caused the break up; some say peter cannot sing, other say it was Jude taking more percentage cuts than he should. Another school of thought proclaim it’s their wives

Irrespective of what they are fighting about two solo songs have been released and judgement day has come.

Paul with Fire Fire

This new song is a dance along and its getting a lot of positive reviews. To enable  us do a side by side match-up, compare again with Mr P cool it down.both are good, not smash hits in my opinion. in this round one match-up, Paul (rude boy) may have an advantage cos his song sounds like a night club favorite, but we can’t say a clear winner has emerged.

How ever we do have a clear loser. What has Jude been up to recently? who knows ?

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