Ronaldo is now the king of Instagram,  Kim-K overtakes Beyoncé (see Instagram’s new top 5)

#5 –Dwayne Johnson and Beyoncé – tied with 119 million followers

Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram page shows he  likes good food, body building workout and movies- it’s also really adorable to see a fierce looking muscular Man go soft on a little girl- his page is simply a delight to watch. Word that it that he charges over a million dollars to promote movies he has featured in

Beyoncé  Instagram page shows she loves looking good, she is obsessed with her man (Jay Z) and is also very playful. Her Insta game is on point.

No 4 – Kim Kardashian with 120 million followers-

She recently overtook Beyoncé to hit the 4th spot. She updates regularly- sometimes 5 to 6 pictures a day. It’s solely on the Instagram platform she advertises her KKW west products- Lipsticks, perfumes and foundations; As a result most of her Instagram posts are extremely professional and airbrushed, oh yes with some semi nudes and perfect holiday moments- very Kardashian.

#3 Ariana Grande – 132 million followers

Ariana Grande is chill on Instagram – nothing serious- a few images of her performances here and there. All her pictures sort of have a white and black feel.

#2- Selena Gomez- 144,308,767

She used to be the most followed Instagram user, until she got dethroned by Ronaldo with just a few digits. It’s shocking how many Instagram users she has- for someone that does not try too hard. Sometimes she is off and on the platform for months.

She is a very girl next door type of Instagram user, no professional photos, no filters, she is just basically chill with it.  Selena Gomez is also cashing out with luxury brands like Coach and sports labels like Puma

#1- Cristiano Ronaldo – 144,309,204.

All hail the king. Am so used to slay queens looking hot on the gram,  but this page is about football- his training, the goals, and the hard work. One Cristiano post can earn as much as 24 million likes-  Damn!

OH yes and there are some slay pictures too!Instagram is a business, he is making some good money selling products for Nike and PS4



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