Rick Ross ; Everything you need to know about his health scare

    • TMZ broke the story … Rick Ross ( William Leonard Roberts) was rushed to a hospital after a 911 caller  reported he was unresponsive and “slobbing at the mouth.”
    • The Davie Police Department in Florida confirmed the medical crisis to Billboard music on Friday (March 2). The dispatch record obtained by Billboard says the 911 caller noticed Rick Ross was “slobbing from the mouth” and “nodding his head” after several attempts at waking up the 42-year-old.
    • He woke up and became combative with the Medics; Davie police department  were then alerted to the situation, but it was later resolved and they did not need to get involved.
    • TMZ reported that doctors have put him on something called ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It’s a technique used to oxygenate his blood outside of his body, before it’s pumped back into his body.It’s essentially a form of life support, and a clear sign of how dire the situation is.

  • But close friends to the rapper say TMZ is wrong. Rick’s friend and fellow rapper Martrel Reeves, better known as Fat Trel, made a series of Instagram posts documenting Rick’s progress.

“Jus talking 2 my big homie… he good. He in da hospital but he is not on life support,” Trel wrote on Friday.


  • This is not the first time Rick Ross has passed out due to ill health. In 2011, when he boarded his private jet to travel to Memphis; he   suffered two seizures in the space of a few hours. He blamed the incident on lack of sleep
  • Celebrities and Fans has sent their well wishes, with some suggesting Donald Trump should be taken instead (LOL)


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