Revealed!– why Boris Johnson has a severe case of covid 19.(details)

Boris Johnson’s symptoms could have progressed to a situation called Cytokine storm. A lot of young healthy people who died from covid 19 reportedly have the same symptoms

Explained Below, in details…

Boosting your immune system will help you to fight the covid 19 Virus- Right?

As the Covid 19 pandemic rages on, this message has been reinforced severally- So we load up on vegetables, fruits and immune boosting herbs.

 Unfortunately, “in a number of cases”, it seems that in fighting Coronavirus, an over reactive immune system will kill the Virus, then go ahead to attack the body cells and organs, which can be fatal. This situation is called “Cytokine storm”, people who experience this in effect have been betrayed by your own immune system

Cytokine storm as defined by DR Randy Cron Director of Pediatric Rheumatology Alabama University Birmingham

“A cytokine storm is the result of an immune system gone wild. The body’s own killer immune cells are often defective, resulting in increased production of inflammatory proteins that can lead to organ failure and death”

Randy Cron, M.D., Ph. D 

 Before I get to Boris Johnson, I will explain a bit more about an over reactive immune system with reference to a recovered patient

Dr Jonathan Raskin, a 69-year-old pulmonologist who practices medicine in New York City recently recovered from Severe Covid 19, he also experienced the Cytokine storm

At first he experienced the classic Coronavirus symptoms

I was experiencing tremendous headache, nausea, abdominal distention making it harder to breath. I continued with fever to 103°, attendant chills and sweats while breathing at about 30 times per minute. 

A few days later, he felt slightly better- the Fever had reduced but he because he was still struggling inside

The fever and chills had reduced, but I was raging inside. The fire was internal, with gripping headache, profound nausea, waves of pains in my bones and muscles along with the breathing challenges attendant to having pneumonia.

Thats when he received a combination of treatments to suppress the cytokine storm- he narrates his story below

Boris Johnson UK prime minister is apparently experiencing the cytokine storm(over reactive immune system)

The prime minister announced on the 27th of March that he has developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. He says he is self-isolating but will continue to lead the government’s response.

In the days following his announcement, he was responding positively to his treatment.

He was able to work from home, he sat through for a virtual cabinet meeting and shared messages with the British people

“But almost 7 days later- A persistent high temperature means the PM is prevented from leaving self-isolation.

Sunday 5 April, Boris Johnson is admitted to hospital

The temperature was persistent, but he’s was in good spirits.” said health secretary Matt Hancock. the decision had been taken as a “precautionary step”.

On Monday, The prime Minister’s situation worsened and he was moved to the critical care. an over reactive immune system “cytokine storm, is most probably at work.



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