Remember Spider Man? Mamoudou Gassama has started his first day at work with the French fire brigade.

Pompiers de Paris! I guess that means fire brigade in Paris or something. Well, the french  fire brigade posted this to their twitter page


Lets translate the french – “24 new civic service volunteers including Mamoudou Gassama joined the Paris Fire Brigade this afternoon. Congratulations to them”.  And in case you can’t find him in the picture, we circled his face down below 

I wonder why they had to hide him at the back, don’t they realize he is the celebrity? Rude.

The Backstory;

The spider man was a 22-year-old refugee from Mali. On the 28th of May a video emerged that showed him scaling several storeys of a Paris building to save a four-year-old boy who had already dropped one floor and was dangling from a balcony railing by his fingertips.

After the incident, Paris that claimed they don’t want Migrants quickly filed his immigration papers, so he can join the dangerous job of firefighting..(I don’t mean it in a bad way)

He was signed up for a 10-month internship with the fire and rescue services which is expected to pay around €600 (£525) a month. His French citizenship which is being fast- tracked would be ready anytime soon.

In case you missed spider man in action- check him out here in a video by Guardian

That’s how they climb in Africa! like monkeys (says a white French girl with a single story) – “Am just assuming”.

And the parents of the child?
Well, the father was playing Pokemon go as at the time of the incident. Yes, you heard right.

French prosecutor Francois Molins told a CNN affiliate that the father had gone grocery shopping, leaving the child alone and then proceeded to play Pokémon Go after leaving the shop. The boy’s father faces up to 2 years in jail for child endangerment and will be sentenced in September.

Side Note- This could be you.(Lol) This Spider Man guy survived Libya and the perilous sea crossing before trekking to France. Who wants to join him?


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