RCCG call to #PRAY FOR NIGERIA causes a twitter storm- Do we need prayers or action?

Pastor Adeboye, General overseer RCCG, called for interdenominational prayers today 10am to 1pm.

He called on Nigerians to join him where ever they are to pray for the numerous challenges facing the country.

Nigerian twitter reacted to the call for prayers in many hilarious ways

Some called the prayers pointless without voting out corrupt leaders

Others blamed the mysterious snake that swallowed jamb’s 36 million naira

But people like me believed prayer is the master key ( i did not tweet though)

A few weirdos used the hashtag to rant about personal issues like data, football and BBN

Clearly some Nigerians are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that a cow now is now more valuable than a Nigerian life – they are also expressing themselves.

prayers or actions? i think we need both. Starting with prayers for guidance and boldness to be a change agent.

What do you think?

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