Rapper popsmoke was New York’s artist on the rise 2020 before he was killed – Robbery or targeted hit (inside story)

When you’re a kid from the hood, you’ve only got three options: play ball, sell drugs or rap. “I did all three—I was good at all of them,” he says.

Popsmoke to xxl MAGAZINE interview
Pop smoke was an upcoming rapper from Brooklyn new York. BBC radio recently named him the artist to watch in 2020. He had a unique deep voice and rapped with a deep growl just like DMX.

Bashar Barakah Jackson (popsmoke) wanted to play Basket ball at 15, but later had to quit when he discovered he had a heart murmur that would not enable him play professionally

without basketball, He spiraled out of control- drugs, stealing & a rough life in the streets , After several run-ins with the law he discovered music by accident

He tagged along for a recording session with another Brooklyn Upstart rapper Jay Gwuapo.

Gwuapo was supposed to be recording, but he got so high he fell asleep, Pop Smoke jumped into the booth and did a free style- the resulting song, “MPR,” now has millions of views on YouTube (over 4 million views on YouTube)  It came out in December of 2018- a purely accidental hit song.

But pop smoke’s coming coming out party was a hit track welcome to the party which became a club favorite in American nightlife scene.

The song became an instant hit – many celebrities jumped in to make remixes – Nicki Minaj, Skepta, and French Montana.

Receiving YouTube music Awards

The 20 year old rapper was indeed rising slowly, he started to feature alongside Megastars in music videos

In Dec 2019 he featured alongside Travis Scott in new music “Gatti” which earned him his first entry into the Bill board chats.

He also featured Quavo of the Migos in new music shake the room

This week, shortly before his killing- he earned his first top 10 spot on Billboard, for his second mixtape, “Meet the Woo, V.2  which debuted at No. 7 on the albums tally.

His death-  Robbery or Targeted hit

News filtered in on Wednesday that he has been killed in a home invasion

Many at first suspected a robbery attack because he was flashing cash and wealth –

Eagle eyed social media users observed that he got  a sponsored gift bag which showed his address- he was also flashing wads of cash that may have tipped off robbers or may have led suspected gang members to his residence.

But there are insinuations that it may have been a targeted shooting with the collaboration of an insider

TMZ reports that video surveillance showed 4 people sneak up into his home, gunshots are fired- but when they leave his premises, they did not make away with anything.

ABC new reports he had several gunshot wounds- but no one else in his home was Shot- allegedly 7 people were at his home at the time- (though the exact number is yet to be confirmed)

According to NYPD speaking to reporters, No one from his home where the shooting took place called 911. The call came from the east coast- a completely different location from his hidden hills home

The caller told the police that intruders are breaking into the home and one of them is armed with a hand gun

Nicki Minaj & 50cents sent cryptic condolence messages

Nicki Minaj – The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest In Peace, Pop.

50 cents- No such thing as success with out jealousy, treachery comes from those who are close. R.i.P

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