Qasem Soleimani: Why Donald Trump ordered the kill strike + how it happened

To make sense of it all, we take a few steps back, Historically…

Iran and the US has never really been friends, lets just say that Iran has never forgiven America and Britain for past colonial activities and their selfish desire to control their oil.

And this hate led to many toxic encounters- proxy wars, hostage situations, skirmishes but finally Iran started building nuclear weapons to become invincible!

You have probably heard that long boring conversation about the Iran nuclear deal?

World leaders decided it was generally unsafe for countries with elements of radicalization to own nuclear weapons that can wipe out the world, to this end UK, Russia, European Union and the US came together and agreed the Iran nuclear deal

The Iran nuclear deal was a cash and economic incentive to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.

Not every American was happy with the deal, but there was a pesky peace until Trump happened.

– Terrorist countries cannot hold us hostage

Donald Trump

The Iran nuclear deal is the stupidest deal of all time. Iran should write us a letter saying ‘thank you very much

Trump on the 2016 campaign trail

Trump not only cancelled the Iran nuclear deal, he reimposed sanctions on the country

Well, lets just say its been chaos ever since- A count down to the kill order

  • April 19th 2019 the US designated the Iran military and intelligence headed by Qasem Soleimani’ a terrorist organisation. Soleimani was efficient in occasionally using Militia to kill American troops in the middle east, he was particularly involved in the killing of American Diplomat in Benghazi in 2012
  • May 5 2019 – United States sent an aircraft carrier strike force and Air Force bombers to the Middle East, A show of force to Iran
  • May 8 2019 Iran military headed by Qasem Soleimani attack crude oil tanks in the Persian gulf belonging to American allies, weeks later they shoot down an American drone they claim violated their airspace.
  • Tensions continue to rise in July 2019. America and Iran begins seizing each other’s oil ships and shooting down surveillance drones.

Everything comes to a head from Dec 27th – it happened fast and simultaneously

  • Dec 27th- A militia group backed by Iran launches a rocket attack on US military base in Iraq Kirkuk. one American contractor is killed and several others wounded
  • Dec. 29 – Two days after the Kirkuk attack, U.S. F-15 warplanes bomb three sites in Iraq in retaliation, almost 25 people are killed, but Iran feels the US response is disproportionate.
  • Dec. 31 – In response to the bombing, Pro-Iran militia-backed protesters attack the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. putting fires on a reception area.

Now Trump gets really mad

Mr. Trump authorized the killing of the Iran military chief for the assault on American embassy

New York Times reports that the order came at about 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Military and intelligence officials said the strike drew on information from secret informants, electronic intercepts, reconnaissance aircraft and other surveillance tools.

On Friday, missiles fired from an American MQ-9 Reaper blew up General Suleimani’s convoy as it departed the airport.

Well, the whole world is now awakened to the drums of war and uncertainty.

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