Put a woman in charge- How 3 female leaders crushed Coronavirus pandemic

Is the female intuition even a thing?

intuition is a feeling that tells you something isn’t right before any signs even appear. It’s nothing but the inner voice / sixth sense which is common for both genders. but the female intuition is said to be very strong.

As the world battled a pandemic , the female world leaders tackled it better -female intuition at work?

With just 102 cases, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden locked down hard and fast . while her male counterparts were calm and claimed it was just a flu . Prime Minister Arden instructed Military personnel to join with police in enforcing a nationwide lock-down under unprecedented restrictions, the strictest lock-down in Europe that had critics accusing her of over reacting

The worst case scenario is intolerable, I cannot have a single New Zealander dying we must act immediately

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden

She closed schools and non essential services They country instituted Mandatory quarantine for anyone coming into New Zealand.

Community-based assessment centers were set up accross New Zealand to protect healthcare workers and other patients at traditional ‘walk-in’ medical facilities.

Even though she was tough on restriction, she was soft in communication, even promising kids that the Easter bunny is an essential service

New Zealand has recently been declared Coronavirus free.

In Germany Angela Merkel has been more like a scientist at work

Merkel’s background as a scientist probably played a huge role in her response to the virus, she used a data-oriented approach calculating how long it will take the virus to spread and how to manage hospital beds.

By the time Germany recorded its first case of COVID-19 in February, laboratories across the country had already built up a stock of test kits Germany was conducting around 500,000 coronavirus tests a week, far more than any other European country.

Watch her below calculating the spread of the disease in an utmost scientific manner

Germany created ‘corona taxis’ – where doctors outfitted in protective gear, travel around their local communities to check on patients who are at home, a week into being sick with the coronavirus. The “CoronaTaxis” treat mild cases at home and suggest hospitalization for cases that are serious

She finally tried to help her neighbors in Europe because according to her “Germany can only flourish in the long run if Europe is not in good shape”

She sent air ambulances( pictured above) to pick up patients in Italy, she also sent medical supplies to France

Since the Second World War,there has not been a challenge for our country in which action in a spirit of solidarity on our part was so important.”

Angela Merkel

The Taiwanese miracle

Its nothing short of a miracle that the country closest to the Epicenter has just 443 cases and just 7 deaths, When the Pandemic became public, John Hopkins university in America predicted the Island nation close to China were going to be hard hit

President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen took charge and proved everyone wrong

When it was still a rumor that there were strange illnesses in China, Taiwan began to monitor incoming travelers from Wuhan for signs of respiratory illness as early as Dec, she even tried to warn the world health organisation but was largely ignored

Taiwan never went into lock down, but took early decisive measures including the decision to ban travel from many parts of China, stop cruise ships docking at the island’s ports, and introduce strict punishments for anyone found breaching home quarantine orders.

In addition, Taiwanese officials also moved to ramp up domestic face-mask production to ensure the local supply, rolled out island wide testing for coronavirus including retesting people who had previously unexplained pneumonia — and announced new punishments for spreading disinformation about the virus.

But a second key element of Taiwan’s strategy was communicating with citizens through humorous stunts and digital campaigns.

Pictured below teddy bears are teaching people a lesson or two about social distancing in restaurants.

And like Germany, After Taiwan had sorted out its people they turned to the world- distributing medical supplies to many countries in Europe

Put a woman in charge- x

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