Pizza in space: European space agency share video making and eating weightless pizza (See video)

With astronauts constantly floating around due to zero gravity in space. , it’s a wonder to imagine how they bath, wash their hair and sleep in space. And what happens when they miss their favorite stuffs like pizza.

Paolo Angelo Nespoli an Italian astronaut and engineer of the European Space Agency missed the cheesy goodness of pizza. He mentioned it casually to the International space station boss during a life broadcast. , so ingredients were sent to he and his crew to make a pizza dinner

Did they actually send another Space craft into space with pizza delivery? (HR goals)

The pizza itself is well, certainly unattractive but with space expeditions that last as long as three to six months, they have to make do with what’s available.

This is not the first time astronauts are feeding our curiosity, they sometimes send videos of how they do basic stuff like sleep and brush their teeth.

In the video below, Chris Hadfield, European space agency commander explains how he sleeps in space with no mattress or pillow.

Astronauts are in space to conduct research on everything from satellite systems and technology. And they are paid equivalent to civil servants that means they are not very rich. ( Surprising right?)

According to NASA websites, Astronauts earn about 65 to 100 thousand dollars per year. Military astronauts are paid the equivalent of military salaries.



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