Ozubulu Massacre:  cover ups, lies and the “suspected” drug lords who would walk free.

The families of over 30 people who died at the Ozubulu church Massacre may not find closure or get justice.

Chief Aloysius Ebubechukwu Ikegwuonu AKA “bishop” who was the target of the killing that cost the lives of over 30 worshipers has come back into Nigeria with his head held high.

Security operatives have not searched his residence, questioned his family members and associates for any proof of alleged drug peddling

The three churches he built has not been sealed off for further investigation into sources of funding

EFCC, ICPC and other related bodies are yet to launch an investigation into the source of his wealth

There has been no follow up press conference briefing Nigerians about the status of the investigations

In case you are unaware about the Ozubulu massacre, let’s recap the incident


6th of August 2017

It could have been scripted straight from the “GodFather” movie

Gun men walked into St. Philip’s Catholic Church in Ozubulu during the evening mass at 6pm and killed over 30 defenseless worshipers injuring a lot more

Pandemonium broke out not just in Ozubulu or Anambra, but across the country. People wondered, could it be the Badoo cult group, Boko Haram, Fulani herd’s men or a terrorist attack.

The dust finally settled , it was fight between rival gangs of drug dealers.

They were brothers from Ozubulu community who ran factional drug Cartels in South Africa. Misunderstandings broke out among them and they start killing each other.

Chief Aloysius Ebubechukwu Ikegwuonu famously known as “Bishop” was the target of the Sunday massacre

Governor Obiano and the Anambra State police collaborated this story in an interview


The lies and cover ups.

Governor Obiano has sworn to bring the perpetrators to justice, but the second drug ring leader who allegedly wants to assassinate bishop has been identified as Obrocho.

Obrocho is also from Ozubulu, he is known to the priest, the community and the church. It should not be difficult to call him in for questioning whats holding that up ?

The Governor said that  11 people were killed and about  8 injured, but inside sources has confirmed that over 50 people have died.

It is believed that the police will be inviting him soon for questioning to ascertain if indeed the church attack was drug motivated or an act of terrorism as many have also claimed.

But we all know that if its drug motivated, he would not say that, so far he has not been searched, and his financial details have not been investigated.


Chief Aloysius is great friends with the State Government, priests and police authorities

The church were the crime was perpetrated was built by him single and dedicated in 2015 with Willie Obiano invited to witness the event.

The dedication of his church also coincided with his 35th birthday, loads of billboards were deployed to announce the event.

He is said to have tarred some roads in his community – Amakwa Ozubulu in Ekwusigo local government area .

In fact, on May 1, 2017, the governor was billed to inaugurate some of the roads Ikegwuonu tarred in his community.

He received the Ozo title as Uzochukwu Kwalu 1 of Umuje Anyamelum LGA on 14th December, 2014, after which he collected the title with the sum of N500,000,

“The Igwe of Umuje said he gave the title to Chief Alloy because of his kind gesture to indigenes of Umuje.”



Why court of public opinion finds him guilty 

He has splurged huge amounts of money on philanthropy work, building roads, churches and buying chieftain titles. yet no one knows the name of his business, the product they produce and who his partners in China are.

Xenophobia attacks have pointed to a huge number of Nigerians pushing hard drugs in South Africa.

The Facebook page for his philanthropy organisation Ebubechukwu foundation is devoid of clear mission, vision and objectives. Rather it parades men drinking bear and enjoying traditional delicacies.

We know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but he is rich and we dont know what he does

Guilty as charged! or what do you think

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