#Osun-rerun: Inside APC’s “Code red” that won Osun state


It was clear on Saturday 22nd #Osundecides that Senator  Ademola Adeleke has danced his way into the hearts of Osun state people- those that were not convinced about Adeleke voted him any way, not because they trusted him but as a referendum on the incumbent Governor  Rauf Aregbesola.

The love for Adeleke activated a “Code-red” alarm among APC party hierarchy

Osun state is a must win. A loss would signal a weakened APC and set the stage for a gale of defections.

Code red in action 

1) Send a high powered delegation to woo Senator Omisore to their side-

Senator Omisore SDP candidate came third in Osun State Saturday elections after APC and PDP.  But the rerun would feature the best of two- PDP and APC.

The two leading parties began to lobby the support of SDP supporters through Omisore, APC sent a high powered delegation- the national chairman, ministers & State Governors – unconfirmed reports suggested he was offered millions of naira and promised lucrative positions.

2) Create a very uncomfortable atmosphere, the voters would be too scared to leave their homes

3) – PDP voters that have the guts to leave their homes and vote- make sure they don’t touch the ballot box

Voters and reporters, were seen  milling around at Ifon-Orolu, unable to access the polling units after thugs and security operatives sent them away..

4)-  The less the reporters and Journalist get to see the better;

Kemi Busari, a journalist covering the ongoing Osun rerun election, was briefly arrested by the police on Thursday morning. Mr Busari was arrested for taking pictures at Polling Unit one, Ward 8, Orolu Local Government Area.

Security operatives at the entrance of Idiya Ward 8, Unit 4, ordered The Cable reporter to turn back despite identifying himself as a journalist.

In the image below, A journalist from Kattan TV was attacked and his camera broken

5) The PDP agents and domestic observers must have no access to the polls

No PDP agent in Ward 007, 012 in Olode, Adereti village, IFE South LGA.

Over two hours after electoral process had commenced, no agent of the opposition party, PDP, was on sight at Polling Unit 001, Ward 8, Orolu Local Government Area.

Many voters who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES alleged that thugs and police officers sent the agents back from the entrance of the polling unit.

6) While everyone is crying foul- collate the results and announce a winner –

Oyetola won of course. quickly get the president to make it official by congratulating the winner- change the headlines quickly, so what? – Nigeria would move on to other stories in a beat – besides champions league is ongoing.

7) Oh yes, see you in court guys – Lai mohammed advised PDP to go to court if they have issues with the election

The Council advised the PDP to stop issuing threats and to take full advantage of the democratic process if it has any grouse with the supplementary election.

But we know how it all ends –

APC would frustrate the case in court, then  make the case drag for 3 to 4 year. They may start another smear campaign aganist Adeleke- F9, waec result – anything they can lay their hands on. finally Nigerians might tell adeleke to go and sit down- After all he is a school drop out.

Moral of this story-

“No body holy pass”- Everyone rigs, but who ever controls the army, pays INEC, and controls the police has the upper hand.

PDP is just the victim of the moment (because APC is in power)- between the broom & the Umbrella – one and the same, it was entertaining while it lasted


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