Olamide’s 999- Album review

Am assuming we have all seen/ heard Olamide’s new EP?

Link to watch on YouTube in case you missed it

now lets talk.

It seems olamide had two clear intentions with this piece of work , First to remind you guys that he is a rapper-and a darn good one at that; and secondly to make you aware that he speaks real good English- Like Queens English

999 EP is completely different from Olamide’s brand of music…

Its not the WO Olamide with short burst of lyrics arranged in melodious rhythm and finished with catchy beats

This is not the oil & gas Olamide with thick Yoruba accent that always gives him the street vibes.

The short Rhymes and funny hooks as in Poverty die is no where to be found in this new EP

Olamide”s street fans geared up to Zanku maybe highly disappointed; they will have to make do with “Wonma’ (track 5) the only sound that is consistent to the Olamide style of hit tracks.

999 literally schooled Nigerians on rap music

The first track “No time” forces us to calm down and just enjoy some cool headed Afro beat rap music

War lords and Billions (track and 2 & 3) took us to hardcore rap

From track 4Dance with the Devil, Demons, Prophesy, rich and famous – we getting American trap rap mostly in regular English and not Nigerian pidgin or Yoruba typical of Olamide’s music.

The track 7 Mojo stood out in a class of its own, lets just call it Yoruba trap music

Wonma is the only track consistent with Olamide’s signature sound.

How do we rate this EP

If you are not into rap, it will be very hard to vibe with this new EP, and not many Nigerians on the street are into rap music- they would rather dance to Zlatan’s Bolanle

Judging from the perspective of a pure rap album Olamide’s 999 can hold his own among international giants like the Migos and Future – especially with tracks like Prophesy, dance with the devil and rich and famous

But the Onus is on Olamide to put in the leg work and take this piece of work to an international audience that enjoys trap, rap & Migos style of music .

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