Oh Wendy Williams; now you are the hot topic. (How Grave disease caused her bulging eyes & fainting spells)

Don’t get me wrong, we are not throwing shade at Wendy Williams cos she is ill. We just giving her a sip of her own tea.

Besides, anytime she seats on her purple chair – Hollywood celebrities are at her mercy.

If  she catches a whiff of diva dirty laundry hanging around –  pray lord she is on your side, cos if she is not; you will get roasted on her show and laughed at by her audience;  it does not matter if it’s a sad story like jail time, failed marriage or performance flops.

If Wendy Williams comes for you during her hot topics segment,  you are likely to make page 6 in major tabloids the next day

So right now, Wendy Williams is the hot topic and this is my purple chair. How you doin?

For Wendy Williams, not so great. Fans noticed her eyes bulging out a couple of times on the show. Then there was those occasional trembling fingers.

Her gait has been off and sometimes she struggles to recollect what she is trying to say. sometimes you would observe she is gripping her arm rest to steady herself.

Then she fainted during the Halloween celebrations last year October 2017. She blamed the costume claiming it caused her to get overheated .

On February 12th, she almost passed out again. She was giving closing credits on her show when it seemed like she passed out, the camera swiftly closed the show.

she had to cancel three days of her Live show including her valentine special after that episode. she claimed she was having flu like symptoms and have been advised to rest. .

It came as no surprise when a few days ago she announced she had grave disease and the doctor has mandated she takes three weeks off. (Though she insists she would only take two weeks)

Grave disease! What’s that?

Graves’ disease is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones. Thyroid glands are situated in the neck area.

Some of the symptoms of grave disease include Bulging eyes, Anxiety and irritability, a fine tremor of your hands or fingers,heat sensitivity and an increase in perspiration or warmth.

Moist skin and weight loss, despite normal eating habits are also symptoms of grave disease

Source – Mayo clinic.

What causes Grave Diseases?

Genes, Gender (more predominant in women); severe emotional stress or trauma, pregnancy, infection.

Stress probably contributed to her disease;

Her husband has been living a double life with another woman. According to reports he is a serial cheater but she has refused to leave him. Maybe she is aware of his philandering, maybe he has even asked for a divorce-who knows.

Reports also show he bought a house for the woman he is cheating on her with down the road in Jersey. And then there is the fact that her son is going off to school which may be adding to her depression.

In 2008, a talent Booker that worked with Wendy Williams Nicole Spence filed charges against Wendy Williams and her husband, she claims in the complaint that her boss’s husband, Kevin Hunter demanded sex from her and Wendy Williams supported it. She also claimed that Wendy William’s husband created a hostile work environment by repeatedly beating up his wife in and near the studio.

Wendy herself confirmed that her husband was cheating on her when their son was only 1 month old.

Wow, I really am sad for Wendy, wish I can give her a hug. But am in her purple couch and i would say it hot topics style .

well Wendy; we sympathize with you, but we sharp shooters (say it as it is)

I suspect you have been ill for a long time and you’re desperately trying to cover things up trying to cover things up.

Wendy, is time to let that dude you call husband go! he is the one killing you. you’re not sick, your heart broken.

Start the divorce process (There would be negative press, but spin it to your favor. Tie it to women empowerment, make it emotional)

And girl if you dont take time off to get some sexy back, like two months off, show executives could get you cancelled. you look terrible- now you dont want to scare your viewers away do you

Did i just sound like wendy? Comments please.( tongue out)

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