North Korea’s War: How six countries still have their Battle formation and missiles ready…..just in case.

The fear of a looming war is slowly waning.

Everyone on every side is preaching dialogue and peaceful resolution.

From China, to Russia and South Korea.

Diplomacy is the buzz word of the day.

But that’s just on paper, for the press, for the news…..don’t be deceived

Inside the Military commands of six world powers, directly or indirectly involved in this conflict guns are loaded and Missiles are warm and smoking.

If North Korea strike first;

Trump was not joking. There would be fire and fury…. and ashes.

This is what might happen if North Korea strikes first


  America battle formation

The world’s largest Military has an impressive fleet of armor planted within the Southern Korean peninsula.

A missile fired at America or its allies (japan, South Korea) may not land at its destination.

If North Korea strikes a missile at south, Guam or Japan.: American military command would be alerted through Space tracking radars.

Mr. Trump would swiftly receive the intelligence and has less than 5minutes to consult with his generals. He would most likely give two orders

Order given, the first step is to intercept and destroy the North Korea Missile before it hits its target

Intercept and attack: The North Korean missile still on its flight path would be intercepted by land, air and sea missile destroyers.

After intercepting the missile, an all-out assault on North Korea’s missile fleet and its nuclear weapons arsenal could follow.

Sea defense: Tomahawks could launch from dozens of destroyers (warships) positioned on both sides of the peninsula, blasting multiple sites across the North Korean countryside.

Air defense :Countering North Korea’s relatively formidable surface-to-air missile defense capabilities, stealth American F-22s, F-35s and B-2 bombers would likely lead a joint air campaign with the help of Japanese and South Korean F-15 or F-16 fighters.

Reinforcement :Heavy air-power can be called in from the Pacific island of Guam, through which the US rotates B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers.

Unmanned aircraft could also be used to limit risk to pilots.


North Korea:

“Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a US nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike” Kim Jung Un

North Korean raised the tensions by threatening to launch four intermediate-range Hwasong-12 missiles into the sea less than 25 miles off Guam’s coast. Guam is an American territory annexed from Japan in WW2

North Korea’s has short  and medium range missiles such that can easily hit targets in South Korea and  medium range Nodong missiles can hit all of Japan.

Longer range Musudan missile has an estimated range of anywhere from 1,550 to 2,500 miles. At the top end it could reach US military bases on Guam.

They are on the verge of nuclearizing an intercontinental ballistic missiles that has the capacity to reach the United States.


Their tunnels & nuclear bunkers: Most of North Korea’s military bases are underground and in mountains – making any strike much harder.Defectors reportedly helped the US map the network.

A former North Korean general, Han Sung-chu, who fleed to the South  claims there are at least 84 tunnels—some reaching as far as downtown Seoul.

At war, North Korea would convert these tunnels into multiple purposes: A   bomb bunker, passage way 30,000 troops into North Korea.

The South has blocked four tunnels it found straddling into its territory.

Pyongyang Metro is surely one of the most mysterious, yet beautiful transit systems on earth, it is the deepest train station in the world and doubles as a nuclear bunker.

Electronic warfare; reclusive North Korea has digital soldiers to engage in electronic warfare against its perceived enemies, most notably South Korea and the United States.

Cyber-security experts say, the North Koreans have spread these agents across the border into China and other Asian countries to help cloak their identities. The strategy also amounts to war-contingency planning in case the homeland is attacked.



Japan has in the past vowed to shoot down North Korean missiles or rockets that threatened to hit its territory.
On Saturday, some of Japan’s land based (PAC-3) missile interceptors began arriving at Japanese Self Defense Forces bases.

These missile interceptors have been strategically positioned on North Korean missiles pathway   into Japanese territory or en-route to Guam.

A spokesman for self-defense forces said the missiles were being deployed “just in case.” He did not elaborate.

Japanese self-defense forces has also deployed Aegis ballistic missile defense system  in the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, but would not give a specific location.

Aegis water missile defense is able to track 100 missiles simultaneously and fire interceptors to take out an enemy’s ballistic projectiles

According to Japanese self defense forces, while standing by 24 hours in preparation for a launch, we are calling on our residents to be on alert in case we issue emergency information.



China is not in dispute but a powerful boarder country with North Korea

They share a love hate relationship with America.


A collapse of the North Korean state would greatly affect China.

Refugee crisis and possible nuclear emissions  would get to China if the US strikes North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal

The state-controlled Global Times newspaper said in an editorial Friday that if North Korea launched missiles at the US, China should “stay neutral,” sending a warning to Pyongyang that Beijing may not support the regime if it made a first move.

But the paper, whose views do not always represent official Chinese government policies, also said that if the US and South Korea took a first strike against North Korea, China should intervene.



Russia and China two powerful countries share a lot in common

They both share boarders with North Korea

They both have great military might

They dislike the influence of the United States in the world and in their region.


If North Korea falls; America becomes stronger in the Korean Peninsula.

Politically it makes sense to fight on North Korea’s side


But Kim Jong is getting too dangerous and crazy.

They fear one day he may Nuke them as well.


Russia has boosted its air defense systems in the Russia- Korea Border

Military equipment and Arsenals have also been was spotted moving towards the boarder they share with North Korea
But Putin has been warned, too, that in the event of a US strike on Kim Jong-un’s nuclear facilities, a radioactive cloud will reach Russia  within two hours.’



Guam is a United States Territory within the Korean peninsula. The United States took ownership of the Island after World War 2.

Its home to US Navy base, battle Armory, Strike helicopters, F22 fighter jets .B-1B bombers and missile destroyers

If America goes to war with North Korea, Guam would be their reinforcement point.

The presence of United States and their fleet of armory is unsettling for adversaries like China and North Korea  in the asian region.


North Korea is threatened by the presence of Guam, hence needs to strike it first

Homeland Security Advisor George Charfauros said Friday it would take 14 minutes for a missile fired from North Korea to reach Guam.

Though America’s missile destroyers can intercept and shoot down the missiles, the implication is an all-out war that would be catastrophic on all sides.



The Australia prime Minister has declared he would stand with America, if they decide to battle with North Korea

American troops are presently heavy in Darwin Australia.  It’s the largest US military presence in Australia since World War II.

Australia is within striking range to North Korea.

Defense Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has told the NT News Australia wants to avoid any military action with North Korea, but wants the North Koreans to behave like reasonable international citizens.

He’s also urging Pyongyang to end its missile testing, and stop preparing for war with the US, Japan, and South Korea.


In conclusion, there are loads of big weapons with fancy names simply made to destroy humans and bring sorrow.

If this war breaks out, there would be no winner.

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