Nigerian news- These three stories can make you lose hope (SARS, killer hospitals)

There are some stories u will hear, “u go just tire”, the only thing that would be on your mind is when you are leaving this country

SARS strikes again- This time in Choba, portharcourt

  • A twitter user based in portharcourt by the name Raythenerd shared his experience with the SARS operatives- this happened yesterday.
  • A bike he boarded was forcefully stopped at gunpoint by SARS operatives, At first, the bike man attempted to run away, but they threatened to shoot them if he did not stop, scared of being killed, he begged the bike man to stop.
  • They seized his phone, beat him up and forced him into the police van in handcuffs. – he kept asking what he had done wrong- no response
  • The police stopped and picked up another random innocent man, – they were both beaten bloody, handcuffed and paraded slowly in the van- for no reason.
  • While being paraded as a criminal, he ran into familiar faces who knew him- they thought he must have done something illegal
  • When he got to the prisons, he met about 13 other boys sitting in tight spaces.
  • After severely beating him up, they took his phones searched through it and finally extorted all his money
  • The victim a software engineer identified their police station at Choba in portharcourt . check out the full story by linking to the twitter thread below

A mechanic apprentice allegedly killed by the police in Enugu State.

Personnel of the Enugu State Police Command allegedly killed an apprentice mechanic, Okey Chinweike, and dumped his body in a stream at Onuato in Ogui Nike, Enugu North Local Government Area of the state on Tuesday.

This happened during a raid in a viewing centre in Enugu State- police men from Ogui road police command shot sporadically during the raid, people ran off in different directions. – the victim was he was declared missing afterwards, but was later found in a stream with a gunshot on his head.

A hospital in Nigeria 347 Nigerian Airforce Hospital, left a patient to die after a ghastly accident

Another twitter user Othniel anselm narrated how his sister was involved in an accident when a drunk driver riding a BMW hit the tricycle –(keke Marwa) causing them to somersault three times- the tricycle driver died on the spot

My younger sister: Jemima, was involved in a road accident on her way to church, on Sunday morning. She was in her sophomore year at the University of Jos, Nigeria: studying Statistics. Her friend: Jennifer, who she commuted with, was in her final year.

What was supposed to be a harmless journey in a tricycle, turned out to be a tragedy when some drunk guy driving a BMW, left his lane, climbed the road barricade, hit the ‘keke’ my sister and her friend travelled in, and somersaulted three times.

Sissy and her friend were still alive, and hence, rushed to the nearby hospital: 347 Nigerian Airforce Hospital, 303 Rayfield Road, Naf Station on Bauchi-Jos Expressway. This hospital rejected both of them on the grounds that they wanted a police report

From there, they were rushed to another hospital, but before any medical help could be given, Jemima and Jennifer had died. The drunk driver whose birthday was on Sunday, confessed to be drunk after celebrating overnight. He survived the accident. the police are currently attempting to grant him bail

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