Nigerian female celebrities are risking the most dangerous Plastic surgery (Brazilian butt lift) for an hour glass figure

Brazilian Butt lift? The results are very stunning and natural if done right- you see, your ass is not filled up with some artificial silicone, its fat from your body that is used

Brazilian butt lifts is literally like  killing  two birds with one stone.

First the patient undergoes liposuction to remove unwanted body fat from their stomach and flank area and where ever they dont want it.
Secondly the removed fat is then processed, washed  and re-implanted into the buttocks and hips for an hour glass figure.

Very easy, right? WRONG

The american Society of plastic surgeons has named the Brazilian butt-lifts as the most deadly procedure in aesthetic surgery.

If fat leaks into the blood stream and blocks a vessel ( fat Embolism) it  stops the flow of oxygen to the brain or heart. This instantly leads to a heart attack and death.

But thats not all-  patients could also suffer infection, bleeding, shock from liposuction, severe pain and poor healing , deep vein thrombosis, accumulation of fluid and fat leaks, etc. 

Just three days ago- Jan 22nd,  a mother of three ( Leah Cambridge ) died from complications surrounding the Brazilian Butt lift- first publicized record in 2019. She died in a private hospital at Izmir turkey

As more female celebrities share their slay pictures on the gram, they don’t talk about the deadly procedure  they had to brave for their slay bodies

They don’t mention the dotted lines of disclaimer they had to sign at the hospital exonerating the doctor incase the procedure goes wrong or worse still in case they die.

Anyway Naija no dey carry last, something must kill a man, the following celebrities are rumored to have gone under the knife

Toke Makinwa: If she paid for it, she own it!- as she said in a recent Vlog post  when she low key admitted to cosmetic surgery.

Tonto Dike:  Went completely public about hers-nothing to hide, would have publicized the entire experience on her show  king Tonto until her ex husband put a stop to it to avoid exposing their son

Toyin lawani;  Aka Tiannah empire; well it was alleged by her boyfriend that she has gone to Turkey for surgery, he spilled the beans on Instagram- that moment when celeb couples take their fight to social media

Iniedo; When she recently showed up with an extra tiny waist on Instagram, fans were quick to recognise her brand new waist and called the surgery a flop- they taught it looked awkward.

Chika Ike… She denied, denied and denied again- but not everyone is buying it- 

The average cost of a Brazilian Butt lift is about 8,000 to 10,000 dollars.  Kai , my fellow Naija babes have graduated from Peruvian hair to buying hips-  DIARISGOD OOO ! ( In patience voice)


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