Nigeria in 2018: four days in, four deadly massacres- The Alleged masterminds behind the attacks

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Massacre in Rivers State:                        

As worshipers returned from the Midweek service jubilant to see a new year, they met an untimely death as 14 of them were murdered in Omoku, Rivers state.

The state government has visited the scene and police is on the trail of suspects. But rumor has it that the state government knows who perpetrated the attacks and why.

A source within the area, who reported the incident, said the attack was carried out by an unrepentant militant named Don Wanny. He and his gang is notorious for pipeline vandalism, oil bunkering, militancy, robbery, cultism, kidnapping and anything evil. Don Wanny has terrorized the Omoku community for a long time.

But that’s not all, according to a twitter post by an anonymous source called Omoku boy, PDP leveraged his notoriety for election violence, after the elections he refused to stop the killings and notoriety so they plotted to kill him.

In October 2017 the Nigerian Army raided the Lavish  home of Don Wanny killing a number of his gang . Government forces took over his lavish property at Aligwu community. It was rumored that Don Wanny was killed, but he was not, he managed to escape the incident

The new year incident is alleged to be retaliation for attack on his premises and killing of his gang by Goverment forces

Fulani herdsmen attack multiple communities in Benue Killing over 50 people;

They come into your farms, attack your crops with their cattle, raid your homes, kill and burn down houses. Yet they have not been declared a terrorist group, rather from time to time they are given a seat at the negotiation table

Authorities in Nigeria say eight people have been arrested after a series of new year attacks in Benue communities. The Fulani herdsmen who oppose a new anti-grazing law have been blamed for the attacks

There are conflicting numbers of casualties some reports say its 20 others say 50. Among the dead were nine livestock guards who were to implement the law prohibiting open grazing of animals. The herdsmen have strongly opposed the law since it was signed in November.

Benue has consistently been a target of Fulani herdsmen attacks. Nigerians are irked about the lack of force applied in dealing with the herdsmen.

There is massive protest going on in Markurdi against the killings by herdsmen

Boko Haram Attacks:

A suicide bomber killed 11 people on Wednesday in an attack on a mosque in northeast Nigeria, the epicenter of the conflict with Islamist insurgency Boko Haram.

The bomber hit the mosque in the town of Gamboru in Borno state, near Nigeria’s border with Cameroon, during dawn prayers, said Ali Mustapha, an aid worker.

“I was on my way to dawn prayer, then I heard the sound of a loud bomb explosion inside the mosque,” Mustapha told Reuters.

“The mosque was destroyed and burnt,” he said.

In another separate incident, 30 people were kidnapped as they fetched firewood around Nigeria’s boarder with Cameroon.

Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader has also released a 30minute video claiming responsibility for the attacks.

According to reports, the Federal government has received intelligence that Isis having lost out in the Middle East strong hold of Iraq could target West Africa as their next headquarters.

That justifies the huge military spend of 1 billion dollars recently approved to fight insurgency in the country

Kaduna Massacre:

The Southern Kaduna crisis that has been raging for years did not wait till at least the first week of 2017 before rearing its ugly head.

Early this New Year, a traditional ruler the Etum Numana, Mr. Gambo Makama and his wife were shot dead in his palace and car set ablaze by unknown gunmen in the Volatile region.According to vanguard his son has survived with gunshot wounds.

Southern Kaduna People Union has condemned the continuous sympathy press statements by the presidency and State Governor El Rufai with no commensurate action. There was an attack on 22nd DEC, and yet another on Christmas Eve, and now this new year attack.

CAN has blamed the Fulani herdsmen who want to drive out the Christians in the community and use their rich farmlands to feed cattle.

Others suggests there is a master-plan to send Christians away from Southern Kaduna: they doubt that the Fulani herdsmen have access to the AK47 rifles that is equal to the cost of 8 cows and require special training.

The country is slowly creeping into Anarchy.God help us.

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