Nigeria/France- Its time for Africa to Boycott Fifa

In Russia 2018 (Nigeria- Argentina), Referee Cunyet Cakir refused to award a Penalty to Nigeria after Marcus Rojo Parried the ball with his hands

Senegal was eliminated from the group stage because they had more yellow cards than Japan- the first time ever a team has been eliminated on the basis of fair play

Yesterday’s game between Nigerians Falcons and France was just another example of how Africans are tossed around in Fifa’s games

Nigeria Falcons played against France, VAR, the referee, the commentators, its amazing they only conceded one goal.

How it went down

France were largely frustrated by Nigeria who defended exceptionally well and looked dangerous themselves on occasion, with a swift counter-attack.

French player Vivane Assenyi fell down in the Penalty area on the 74th  minute during a tackle with Ngozi Ebere

High drama ensued as Ebere was shown her second yellow card of the evening and sent off, that means we were one woman down, In addition a penalty was awarded against Nigeria

Wendie Renard missed her penalty shot after a heroic save from Nigerian goal keeper Chiamaka Nnadozie, But because she came off her line by just a tiny margin, a penalty retake and yellow card was awarded against Nigeria.

While Nigeria side was punished for such a minor infringement, the referee chose to un-see about three French players including Amandine Henry that stepped in too soon into the box

Nigeria played the rest of 25minutes and 11 minutes extra time with a team of 10 and a crushed spirit

To add insult to the injury, the commentator was very insulting and condescending to Nigerians as she spoke during the match. She focused so much on the negative.

It’s a planned robbery to ensure that France emerges victorious- how else would they sell tickets and fill up the stadium.

Unfortunately, a referee’s decision cannot be taken to court, every team has signed the dotted lines to ensure their decision is final.

Its not only Nigerians that are crying foul- the international community cannot deny it.


#African Boycott

#African Boycott

#African Boycott

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