Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are fighting for real this time- We have all the videos of shots they have fired at each other.


Ever since Cardi B came on the scene, everyone wanted to see some drama with Nicki Minaj. Fans were constantly pitching them against it other- Every tweet was suspect, every lyric was assessed for anything that sounds like some shade.

But they both maintained they were good,  Cardi B referred to the alleged beef as “Fan-made
Their collaboration on #Motorsport created the first major crack between them
When Cardi B’ was asked during an interview about her relationship with Nicki Minaj and how they got on Motorsport together- she replied in a sarcastic tone that Nicki Minaj had to change her verse.

Nicki was hurt, she went on twitter to give the full details of why her verse was changed – including the fact that Cardi B did not want Nicki mentioning her name. Nicki Minaj had a verse that said (If Cardi is the QB, Im the Nick Lombardi) – Cardi wanted her name out. Finally they moved passed that and even exchanged pleasantries during the MET gala

Then recently, Nicki Minaj took shots at Cardi during an interview and the gloves came off

Nicki Minaj said Cardi B is successful because she got a big push from her label:

“Let me tell you something: having a big push from a label does not make you great and to me does not mean that you’re my competition…” no you are not my competition

Every two years, I get told about some female rapper that is coming to take my place, I don’t think any new comer right can realistically put out the stats . Hmm, Why so petty.

Cardi replies on Instagram live:  you can’t buy success, you cant buy good music, people chose what they love!

“I don’t get why everybody be trying to discredit my hard work”. She went into a long rant about how hard it was  for her to get into the industry. DJ(S) insulted her and called her a stripper, but she swallowed her pride and shook hands with them because they were going to play her music.

According to Cardi, she worked so hard when she was pregnant, she even passed out during her rolling stone shoot. So when people try to discredit her hard work, it hurts.

There are big labels with a lot of money why can’t they buy their success for their artist, No you can’t buy people success, you can’t make people love you

Cardi needs to grow thick skin- Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj appeared on Apple Music for another episode of “Queen Radio.” After her radio show, Beats 1 Radio host Ebro Darden stopped by and the two had a spur of the moment interview session.

I didn’t know Cardi and I had an issue but, I guess we do since you’re saying it, and all of these other people are saying it.

Does Nicki make a good point about Cardi?

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To me, she may have taken an issue to things I have said, but I’m not going to bite my tongue. I mean this is rap. You gotta have thick skin. People talk s*** about me all the time, I don’t go around and telling people stop posting me, because I see one bad thing about myself. You can’t expect to be liked and loved and loved all the f***ing time. Give me a break.
You’re coming into the wrong game if you want people to kiss yo a** and suck your d*** all day, my n****. I mean, like come on.

Bitch who? Cardi threw some shade at Nicki Minaj after she received the award for best new artist

 “All of the love that fans, my friends, everybody shows me is genuine and beautiful and that’s something that God gave me that you can’t buy, ” she projected, before adding, “b***h.”


Its clear she continued her line of attack from Instagram live when she said record labels can’t buy fans or force people to love your music.
Nicki Minaj has been acting a bit off lately, she is going off on any and everyone- very recently Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner made it to her chopping block.


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