#NG The candidates – 7 deductions from the interview with President Buhari and VP Osibanjo


The president has never been a good orator, he is slow in responding not impressive in speech

The popular opinion after the interview is that he is disconnected and uninterested, but in actual fact that’s how he has always been- slow in speech, never completely eloquent because of his Hausa accent. He seems somewhat disconnected all the time-

Watch his interview with Mo Abudu in 2015; he sounded almost the same way, slow and somewhat detached 

The signs of old age are apparent- He is constantly talking about his past- when asked about the present            

When asked about corruption, – he started talking about 1983, when he fought corruption strongly and decisively.  In his flashback he was very clear on the people arrested, those investigated and those found guilty.

When asked about the herdsmen, He again went back in time,  1st republic, the good old days when there was a cattle route, there was grazing areas, there was windmills and even veterinary clinics– the Moderator had to subtly bring him back that it’s a present day problem with present realities ( awkward)

The president plays dumb when does not want to answer a question- skillful deflection

He is no fool. He pretended to be clueless when confronted with Babachir Lawal, He acted like he did not understand the question.

When confronted with Ganduje’s video he claimed he did not understand or believe the technology that was used to film the incident – (Lies, he is just deflecting the question)

He was low key shaking many tables

He coyly hinted on how the national assembly delays acting on executive bills – wasting time needed to take action-

When asked about the Northern Almajiri he skillfully accused state Governors of stealing money that was meant to deal with the problem- according to him, some state Governors gives only 25% of the money meant of the local governments and keep the rest.

He also threw shade on Nigerian press on various occasions, saying they need to do more investigative journalism rather than peddle fake news

Osibanjo is spot on, he has clarity on what the issues are and how to solve them

Though his body language suggests that there are some lies or half-truths he was  telling occasionally- but well politics is never clean and he has to cover of for his boss #manofGod

He  diplomatically  diffused the conversation about the herdsmen crisis, which was getting heated . He would score points for deflecting questions about the economy into trader moni, cash transfers and other strong points of the present administration

Buhari has not just  lost the battle against corruption, he has somewhat blended in

Maybe corruption fought back really hard- and with a failing health and old age- his favorite line has become “the case is in the courts and if they are found wanting, they would be jailed”

He is really tone deaf on so many issues- some excerpts below 

When asked if the army hierarchy would be investigated for fraud since the armed forces were not getting the needed funds– he replied by saying that those who leaked the video would be investigated and court marshaled. He said some young people get into the armed forces for the benefits, then when sent to the front-lines- they desert their duties and run

He also spoke about the armed forces that protested in Maiduguri saying that the army are not supposed to protest.- seriously ???/

He was also very tone deaf on the herdsmen crisis- Nigerians are outraged that they are murderers and have not been declared a terrorist group – His reply ….

Well, the grazing routes were encroached on, hence he has asked the state Governor to provide  grazing areas for the cattle – according to him, their  movement is quite predictable  from north to south

Dude, how about we talk about the genocide committed, the lives lost, some people persecuted – before we talk grazing routes -( which by the way means some people would lose their homes)

Who is Kadaria Ahmed 

She was high on Google search ranking cos she did such a good job- gently nudging the candidates to  stay on message when they tried deflecting  .
She pressed the president on being sympathetic to the herdsmen,  pushed him on investigating the military hierarchy, Boko Haram re-insurgency and Babachir Lawal. she took no prisoners

Seems like the Cabal want the next 4 years more than president Buhari

As the camera pans into the crowd, you can see his cabinet looking very pensive and hopeful that he does not mess things up.

Asking for a friend though- why was the audience clapping needlessly. was the show that boring????

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