Neymar – How a high budget movie went wrong (The transfer intrigues unfolding)

Neymar Jr. recently missed pre-season training at PSG and everyone went Berserk, he has been called immature and irresponsible; PSG has said in a statement that they would respond appropriately.

But Neymar was only trying to make himself loud & clear:

I dont want to continue here, I want to go back home, where I never should have left.

Neymar to PSG

According to reports, his decision to leave Barcelona, a club he spent almost four years of his career was a difficult one – He was reportedly happy in Barcelona. Messi, Suarez and Neymar formed a deadly strike force tagged the MSN and together they were difficult to break.

But PSG came along to woo Neymar in 2017, They were impressed with his performance after Barcelona handed them a 6-1 thriller knocking them out of the Champions League. from then on a chase ensued to get him out of Barca.

PSG promised Neymar a voice, some respect and to build the team around him, and to show they were serious, they recruited Neymars long time friend and fellow Brazilian – Dany Alves. topped with some Arab money, they had Neymar in the bag

But just a few months into a record transfer fee of 222 million euros Neymar reportedly regretted his decision to leave Barcelona

He came up with a slew of excuses- The players were rough, he is fouled more in Ligue one than Laliga , the pitches are not well maintained, refereeing is too liberal , the fans hated him…

May be he was homesick, or maybe he realized that it’s OK to be in the shadow of Messi (who is considered a god of football) than to be in the shadow of 20-year-old Mbappe – We cant be so sure what his actual reasons are, but he wanted to leave of PSG and get back to Barcelona. He did not even mind a pay cut from €36 million at PSG to the €24m he received at Barcelona in 2017.

“I want players willing to give everything to defend the honor of the jersey and join the club project.”Those who do not want to, or do not understand, we see each other and talk about it.

“Nobody forced him to sign here, nobody pushed him in. He came knowingly to join a project.”

Nasser Al Khelaifi, PSG president

PSG president was obviously referring to Neymar when he made these comments. A few days earlier he had also vowed to get rid of celebrity behavior. He is really frustrated with Neymar, he had tried desperately to silence transfer rumors and convince him to stay. In addition, he wants Neymar to add value to the club and adhere to stricter rules and regulations (especially since he spent half his previous season injured)

Neymar can leave PSG if there is an offer that suits everyone.”

Leornado- sporting Director PSG

PSG is posturing and talking tough. They know there is a limited market for an expensive player like Neymar. The asking price is 222 million Euros, and until a club is willing to pay (not very likely) he is still a PSG player and must honor his contract

Neymar’s options are limited – Manchester is not playing Champions league, Real Madrid has backed out from the chase due to heavy expenditure buying Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic. (some reports say Zidane dont want the drama)- Now that leaves only Barcelona.

Inspite of the fact they are pursuing Antonio Griezmann, Barcelona are eager to have Neymar return to camp Nou, the dressing rooms and the fans say yes! they have forgiven Neymar and want him back- its also believed Messi has requested for Neymar’s return when he met with Barca president Bartomeu

Silent Negotiations for Neymar through subtle press statements has been ongoing for a while

“We know that Neymar wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain, but we also know that PSG don’t want to sell, so there’s no case.” 

Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu

As a norm, Club officials dont comment in details about players from another club, but above Barca president makes a controversial statement to force a reaction from PSG.

PSG’s has on the other hand hinted to Barcelona that the only condition to reduce the asking price of Neymar from 222 million Euros to about 100 or 130 million Euros is if Barca Forward Ousmane Dembele is brought over to PSG in addition to the money. Thomas Tuchel PSG manager is a fan of Dembele

Again Barca president downplays the need for Neymar’s return ( which they really want, and emphasizes that Dembele will remain in Barcelona

Dembele is a young, talented player, different from other players in the game. I like him a lot. I consider him better than Neymar. He’s going to grow a lot more and we want that to happen at Barcelona.” 

Barca president Bartomeu

Neymar’s Diva attitude in recent months has not helped his case either-

He was questioned by Brazilian police last month over allegations he rape. He insulted a Referee following Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League collapse against Manchester United, for that he will miss three champions league matches as punishment. He also punched a fan out of frustration when PSG was beaten in the Coupe de France Final by lowly Rennes

Not to mention that he is extremely injury prone and takes a match day off for his sisters birthday

In the midst of the drama, Neymar has gone from being the world’s most expensive player, 3rd best in the world behind Messi and Ronaldo ,nominee for the Ballon’d or, part of a football strike force – to a player with an uncertain future and difficult baggage .Would be interesting to see how it all plays out

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