New Zealand Prime Minister still breastfeeding- brings her baby to the UN General Assembly


The most important meeting in the world is presently taking place- United Nations general assembly; It features about 193 country leaders, the world’s most powerful men and women discussing issues that would shape our planet

General Assembly Seventy-third session, 1st plenary meeting

Enter- Jacinda Arden New Zealand Prime Minister;

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Arden brought her baby along for this really important meeting with her colleagues sparking an excited conversation about “girl-power” and “women equality” She is the second elected country leader in history to give birth while in office after Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto in 1990.

“Neve is actually nearby me most of the time in New Zealand, she’s just not always caught on camera”

Arden returned to the office last month after a six-week leave of absence for childbirth; Although her boyfriend Gayford is their daughter’s major caregiver, Arden is still breastfeeding, hence their daughter will accompany her on most official businesses the couple have said.

The Prime Minister made it clear to New Zealanders that they paid for her partner’s trip from their pockets and he’s primarily traveling to care for Neve,” Arden told the New Zealand Herald.

It’s quite interesting to see how they flipped gender roles- her boyfriend is their baby’s primary care giver while she has to run the country, but could that politics?- cos am sure she can afford a nanny, or maybe she just does not trust anyone else with baby?

Her baby also got her very own diplomatic ID pass- at just 3 months old

“Neve Te Aroha” had her very own UN diplomatic photo ID that described her as “New Zealand first baby.”

Her mother Jacinta Arden became her party’s youngest leader last year and New Zealand’s youngest in 150 years after defeating former Prime Minister Bill English.

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*Side note* Merriam Webster dictionary defines a trailblazer as a person who makes, does, or discovers something new and makes it acceptable or popular

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