Naija weddings has some new sounds- A 4 track EP by chidimma and Flavour (videos)

Flavour has always been popular in Nigerian weddings with songs like “Ada-Ada” and “Ololufe “ but his newly released EP is taking things to the next level.

“40 years everlasting” his brand new collaboration with lyrical powerhouse Chidimma contains 4 tracks and each has a very special and distinct romantic mood

lets check out the love songs and the special mood they represent


You know that moment in the white wedding when the couples are called for their first dance? this song is just perfect, the lyrics would make the bride cry.

… and today I make this vow to you, my eternity I want to spend it with you- you belong to me, i belong to you…Definitely my fave track, he went Ed Sheeran on us, but with Igbo vibes


You know that moment when the bride makes her entrance with her “Asoebi friends” this song is just perfect for that moment.

Its beautiful that people like Flavour keeps it authentic and original. He embraced his Igbo vibes fully.


This track is just perfect for that moment the igbo bride serves her groom palmwine- then their first traditional dance.

And finally the romantic dance song – 40 years

With this short EP, I can assure you that Flavour is #booked for every wedding that can pay his price for many years to come. Side eye at his Chemistry with Chidimma, it feels so natural- what are these two not telling us.

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