my new year resolutions…

Today’s blog is a bit different and personal. Hello call me Chizzy, I am the face behind the many stories on this blog. Many thanks for sticking around.

Its not just a new year, it’s a new decade- I started my day by carefully taking stock of everything I have done in the past 10 years (2010-2020) with some sober reflection of course.

When I reflect on my Journey so far, I am definitely not kind to myself – thats because I only compare myself with the best;

Mark Zuckerberg is my age mate while on the other hand kizz Daniel is 10 years younger than I am- comparatively, I can do much better

New year resolutions are over rated I agree, but if you don’t set a goal, how do you score yourself mid-year.

So i will make resolutions and goals, but I intend to be realistic because as humans we fail so easily, so rather than new year resolutions, I will call it a wish list for the next decade, I will share a few not so personal resolutions…

I will Let God be the Anchor

I say this every year, but it’s not easy. Sometimes prayers feel like a chore a dutiful child must perform, like a morning or evening ritual, so many times I mumble incoherent excuses and skip prayers- excuses like sleeping off on my work desk, the madness of school runs, and a plethora of other things

In the course of writing and studying top personalities in 2019, I found out the most successful people put God first everyday- MO Abudu, Linda Ikeji and even Tyler Perry.

But will God think am just using him because I want to be successful, like a tit for tat kind of thing- that’s a worry I need to work out with God.

Side gist/ Quick testimony- before I got married some years back, it was one of the few times I passionately allowed God to chose from the options in front of me, I remember that passionate prayer, Not what I want but what God feels is right for me. well, I ended up with a husband completely outside my type of man list- but it turned out to be the best decision I made last decade.  Summarily, let go and let God.

I will Be Bolder

As a content creator, my mind always comes up with outrageous ideas and suggestions, but I chicken out because I worry about execution and logistic details, or sometimes am just scared that people will laugh at me.’

But successful people take bold steps, I was inspired by Mo Abudu deciding she wanted to start a TV channel, but knew absolutely NOTHING about how it works- Look at her today

This new decade, I want to be bold and fearless…what’s the worse that can happen really?

I will be more disciplined

Discipline, time and execution are all tied together

It takes discipline to manage time, execution is more important than bright ideas, I have come to realize that the most successful people are not the creative ones, or the ones with bright ideas, but the ones with the discipline to actually execute on time and in full….without getting trapped on social media.

It’s crazy how many times I got distracted last year following a trending topic on twitter #Ruga #coza #revolution now or  getting lost in Tunde Ednut’s funny threads, or reading Dear Joro-

(side note) If you are not following Joro on Instagram you missing out.

This sounds cliche, but eat healthy and lose weight

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out

Last year, every week I made a new resolution that from Monday I will start eating healthy- but somewhere between many work and mum related excuses, I found myself constantly doing everything wrong-

eating late, one last bite of chocolate, one last binge eating, “man must live” inspired slice of cake & I can’t “kee” myself cold drink. The result is this pot belly that has everyone is asking if I am pregnant. Sometimes I just say yes and move on.

This year, I really want to set realistic weight loss goals and go for it

Last point I want to share – I really need to find time for myself- because “las las” I cannot come and “kee” myself

Last year, I walked so hard I was a present but absent mother- though I work from home most of the time the kids must shutup and give me space to work, no time to go to the park, visit friends or go to the salon. I stay busy researching stories, writing, making videos, editing- it’s a one-man production most of the time.

But this year, as much as I want to be successful- I must find a balance.  I must take the kids to the park more often and be present for gist. I must be selfish occasionally, and make time for my glow sessions.

I really want this success something- but like my husband always says- we live once, and after that , its judgement

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