Most powerful passports in the world 2020- (top 3) + How is Nigerian passport rated?

The Henley Passport index ranks world passports based on how many destinations a passport holder can visit without visa restrictions

1) Japan – citizens can visit 191 countries visa free

For the second year in a row, Japan is ranked at the top of the Henley & Partners Passport Index.

Japan is a remarkably safe country, with cities like Tokyo and Osaka often ranked among the world’s safest cities .A recent UN World Tourism Organization report shows that international tourism to the country increased by 250% between 2012 and 2017; The trend will likely continue with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, expected to attract a million visitors a day to the capital.

2) Singapore citizens can visit 190 countries visa free

Singapore is one of the most neutral countries of the world, second perhaps only to Switzerland. It has friendly relations with everyone around itself. balancing between USA & Russia, China & India, Japan & Korea, etc.

It is a small city-state with a very advanced long-term vision. Singapore focuses on implementing future-proof solutions and look at the world as a place to engage different societies and draw its strengths from all.

3 Germany and south Korea are tied at number three

Both country citizens can travel to at least 189 countries visa free

This makes Germany the most powerful passport in the European union and Europe as a whole – many UK citizens want a German passport especially after brexit was confirmed – Even prominent UK politician Nigel Farage applied for a German passport

Asia has continued edge out Europe and America which had previously dominated the Henley passport index, In 2019, south Korea was the 8th safest place to live and the 12th largest economy in the world

More details, just so you know…

  • Finland & Italy are tied at number four Finland and Italy have high score cards when it comes to safety and social welfare for their citizens.(188 visa free countries)
  • The US is tied way down with the UK, Belgium, Greece and Norway at number 8 (184 Visa free countries)
  • Canada is number 9 (183 visa free countries)

And Nigeria?

We are tied with Djibouti at 95, we are very close to very unstable countries like Libya, Afghanistan , Syria and Somalia where wars are actively taking place.

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