Michelle Obama’s hilarious story about the day she wanted to escape from the white house (video)


In her book becoming Michelle Obama, She had previously described how suffocating it is living in the white house and being constantly followed by security.

She elaborated further as a guest on Ellen’s show, her narration sent the audience reeling with laughter. It was indeed a funny story, she and her daughter intended to escape from the white house unnoticed by secret service.

On that particular day…  the United States supreme court had approved gay marriage, the white house was lighted up in LGBT colors. There was so much celebration, people were crying, friends were calling her. thousands gathered outside the presidential residence to celebrate.

But, behind the bullet proof doors and windows of the white house, and the civility of ushers and security,  she felt excluded from the celebration. she wanted to be part of it, she wanted to stand and celebrate a major milestones with other Americans.
She found an accomplice in her daughter Malia Obama and decided to go outside. She was not going to go far though, just to stand outside the white house and celebrate with others

When she stepped out with Malia to use the Elevator, the secret service whispered their code name and started following them.
Then they decided to walk fast, and run in an effort to ditch the secret service, but the the chased after them calling for back up.

They got to the exit gate, The North Portico door that faces Pennsylvania Avenue  and pushed to open- it was locked. They looked behind them and saw secret service, police men , white house ushers coming after them …and they did not know what to do.

Erm, sorry Ma’am where are you going?

Am trying to get out, am going outside ( Michelle was defiant) . The Usher replied  her gently, Ma’m if you go outside you are going to be on camera in front of the whole nation. it was at that moment that Michelle got it together, she was wearing tight ripped shorts and sling top- and no shoes. not the typical outfit you want to be caught with on camera as a first lady.

Her story ended happily anyway, they did go outside- but with due process, hair and makeup, and outfits that attempted to disguise them appropriately. watch the video below if you have enough data- its quite lonely on top.

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