Meghan Markle’s first movie role post royal breakup has premiered on Disney

Meghan Markle featured as narrator for a voice over role in a new Disney entertainment documentary – “The Elephants” Her only fee for the voice over, recorded last year, was a donation to the Elephants Without Borders charity.

Its not a big screen movie, but more like an entertainment documentary that creates an interesting story around the elephants while talking about the dangerous effects of climate change on animals, the sort of role that might appeal to charity inclined royals- especially meghan who interested in animal conversation

The Synopsis

Elephant The documentary follows a 40-year-old female elephant, christened Shani, who’s set to inherit the role of leader and matriarch of the herd from her older sister Gaia. But at the moment, she’s busy raising her mischievous son Jommo, who needs guidance and protection on his very first migration.


In search of drinking water, the elephants will cross the Kalahari Desert in order to reach the Zambezi River.

The route is a perilous one. A particularly distressing sequence sees Shani rescue a calf who’s started to drown in the mud. At other points, they’re attacked by lions and beset by salt tornadoes. They also battle extreme hunger and thirst.

Meghan Markle is credited in the documentary as the Duchess of Sussex – Elephant is Markle’s first screen credit since she and Prince Harry announced they’d be stepping down from their duties

Like everything Meghan, the movie has had its fair share of controversy:

During the lion king premiere last year, a footage between Harry and Disney CEO Bob Iger in July showed the prince talking up his wife’s skills as a voice-over actor.

Harry was accused of pitching for a Disney role for Meghan, mouthing that her voice overs were great- *cringe worthy*

But the former royal couple disputes the claim

According to their press team, the inspiration for the movie came in 2017 During their trip to Botswana.

 it was at this trip they met with the creators of the Elephant documentary who approached Meghan for the role

the couple had dinner with Elephant’s filmmakers Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz, who educated them about the matriarchal structure of elephant families and showed them some scenes of their work-in-progress.

“She was absolutely intrigued by the elephants and transfixed, especially by the female empowerment side,” Berlowitz said to People. “How important the matriarchs are to the story; it really is all about female leadership.

The movie, which premiered Yesterday, Friday on Disney Plus, is perfect for the entire family. Dolphine reef by Natalie portman was also showing Disney

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