Meet the world’s highest paid Plus size model ( Her emotional journey to accepting her body)

Model Ashley Graham walks the runway for Addition Elle on September 11, 2017 during the New York Fashion Week in New York City. Ashley Graham, who last year became the first "curve" model on the cover of the annual "Swimsuit Issue" of magazine "Sports Illustrated" is on the cusp of becoming a household name. / AFP PHOTO / ANGELA WEISS / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY JENNIE MATHEW (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)


Being a plus size model was tough for US based model Ashley Graham. Modelling agents told her she would never make the cover of any magazine, she was strictly a catalogue model. Modelling agents told her skinny = success.

Depressed and disillusioned, she turned to the  wild side- drugs, men and alcohol- she became a size 18. When she could not take it anymore, she packed her bags and decided to go back home to Nebraska.

But her mother said No. she must stay back , clean up her act and figure her life out.  “your body would change someone’s life someday” 

A supermodel is born..

I don’t have to fit into a certain kind of woman, I don’t have to fit every standard, I have to be my own woman. She stripped down in front of the mirror and touched every cellulite and fat in her body. she told them how sexy and beautiful they really were.

Ashley Graham was reborn

…She proved them wrong.

Her big break came when she became the first plus size model on swimsuit illustrated, it was the first time in 52 years sports illustrated would use a curvy model on their cover.  She went ahead to become the most sort after “plus size model”.

She covered more magazine covers and worked the runway for top designers like Christian Siriano and Micheal Kors. In 2017, she made 5. 5 million US dollars.

She did not depend on her career as a model, she ventured into business launching a swim wear collection, lingerie line and writing a book- a new type of model

“Its is not about who has the highest cheekbones anymore. It is really about how to be a boss, a brand and a businesswoman”

More Ashley Graham tea?

She was discovered shopping in the mall with her dad, a modelling agent said to her- you really pretty do you want to be a model

She hates the term plus size and prefers to refer to herself as “curvisexilious”

She has made it to Forbes 30 under 30 and times magazine most influential people

She is a strong Christian, believes in God and is extremely prayerful, she met her husband Justin while volunteering at her church in New York City in 2009.

She wrote a book a new model where she talked about what confidence beauty and power really look like

She has  7.6 million followers on Instagram and uses her platform to spread a positive message of self-acceptance, She is not promoting obesity or anorexia, she wants women to embrace healthy living…

She has a doll is complete with a round belly, round arms, and, yes, thighs that touch.  She even asked for her doll to have some cellulite on its body.



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