Meet the wife of notorious drug lord EL Chapo

 Joaquín (El Chapo) Guzmán  is the former head of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the biggest, and most brutal, drug and crime syndicates in the world, he was handed a life sentence at the New York Eastern District Courthouse. prosecutors also insist he will forfeit about 14 billion in assets

He will be incarcerated in the only Super-max prison in America, his prison mates are the likes of Terry Nicholas- Oklahoma bomber that killed 168 people

He will not be allowed to see his wife who allegedly helped him escape from Altiplano prison in 2015.

His wife seems Unfazed by the sentencing and the entire trial  

For three months, the 29-year-old sat steadfastly watching the trial of the 61-year-old man she has been married to for 11 years. She listened to gruelling witness statements, including those from his multiple mistresses, detailing rape, murder and torture.

Witnesses told the court that Guzmán drugged and raped girls as young as 13, buried an enemy alive and had a “murder room” installed in his house, complete with a drain to help clean up messy executions.

Inspite of the Gory details, her loyalty to him appeared unshaken.

Emma Coronel Aispuro married El Chapo on her 18th birthday even though  he is father to 19 other children with about six different women

She’s been dubbed the Kim Kardashian look-alike of Mexico – She is an ex beauty queen fond of flaunting her designer dresses, oversized sunglasses and bikini body-that was before her Instagram account was suspended

Drug cartels are nothing new to her- “She is the daughter of another Mexican drug trafficker, so she was brought up in the business. Her father allegedly cultivates opium and Marijuana

As a U.S. citizen, she was able to legally cross the border and gave birth to El chapo’s twin daughters in California, thus ensuring they too were U.S. citizens.”

 Soon after he was re-captured by Mexican authorities in 2016, she gave a demure, poised interview to Telemundo expressing concerns that the guards “don’t let him sleep and he has no privacy,” that she was “afraid” for his life and softly requesting that they treat him well and with dignity.

Aispuro has since campaigned for her husband before an array of humanitarian groups in Washington D.C, advocating for his rights while behind bars in New York.

She regularly used twitter to document her feelings about her husband. On 30 January 2017, around the time El Chapo was extradited to the USA, she tweeted in Spanish: “We both knew that to make us a reality we would have to pay a huge price: distance, time, challenges and sacrifices. It was worth it.”

El Chapo’s wife who lives a life of luxury with full security details has managed to escape criminal charges because he made sure she had nothing to do with the family business.

While he is away in Jail, She plans to start a fashion line bearing his name and signature

The fashion brand would include Sports and casual wear, El Chapo baseball caps and denim jackets.

I’m very excited to start this project, which was based on ideas and concepts that my husband and I had years ago,” Coronel told CNN in a statement. “It is a project dedicated to our daughters.”

Despite a flagrant reputation of philandering with prostitutes and other ladies – Aispuro is said to have remained deeply dedicated to the kingpin, who she incessantly proclaims as the love of her life.


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