Meet Serena’s William’s grand- daughter @ real QaiQai with 90,000 Instagram followers

Serena Williams daughter’s doll has become a celebrity and a social media sensation.   She has her own Instagram and twitter handle @realQaiQai, She is adored so much that her Instagram handle is verified

Well this is no ordinary doll, she is the daughter of  Serena’s child  Olympia Ohanian- This makes  Serena and her husband  proud grandparents.

QaiQai has got attitude and sass and engages her audience real good.

She even took the 10 year challenge- Yes girl, bring it!

This doll has backstage access you can only dream of , Women’s Tennis Association gave her a very special welcome to the game

She had front row seats when Serena Williams is was playing, Like guys  QaiQai has got her own official chair

And incase you are wondering how the QaiQai movement all started…

And No its not crazy, its simply Therapeutic, people need a break from all the seriousness and craziness going on in the world right now, why else do you think an egg became the most liked photo on Instagram?  More QaiQai please…

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